STRYPER – “The Roxx Regime Demos” Is Classic Christian Heavy Metal

8389326This is the original demo of Roxx Regime, from 1983, (“The Roxx Regime Demos”), before they became Stryper. (This CD was released on July 10, 2007). The songs are all excellent, with an unpolished, raw, under produced feel and spirited energy. (This is what really makes the Heavy Metal sound even better, in my Metal opinion). There are seven songs in all on this disc, including one drum solo. These tunes really thump, they have the early 80’s Heavy Metal/Hair Metal sound. “Honestly” is a ballad that really touches off tremendous emotion, the most mellow tune on this disc and a future hit for Stryper. “From Wrong to Right” and “Loud N Clear” are catchy tracks, with a definite early ’80’s Heavy Metal/Hair Metal vibe. “Tank” is a drum solo from Robert Sweet, nothing really fancy – cool to have in the mix of songs just the same. If you are already familiar with Stryper, you will hear and recognize the talented musicianship, a band in their Metal infancy, that would become a premier Christian Heavy Metal band of the 1980’s and beyond.

Listening to “The Roxx Regime Demos”, for me, is listening to a Heavy Metal band that obviously paid their dues and made some excellent, high-spirited music. Consistently melodic, with a great heavy groove, I cannot resist recommending this music to Hair Metal, 1980’s Heavy Metal and Christian Metal fans. This disc definitely puts me in a cheery mood, the lyrics and Heavy Metal gel together perfectly.

“The Roxx Regime Demos” has proved to be a quality purchase for me, plus it is quite the obscure Heavy Metal find as well. This is a definite must for all Stryper fans, fans of ’80’s Heavy Metal should find this to be quite a neat surprise. I did get an opportunity to see Stryper, live, back in the good ol’ ’80’s. It was at the West Hartford Ballroom, in West Hartford, Connecticut. Hurricane, a relatively low-key Heavy Metal band back then, opened up for Stryper that night. The show was cool, what you would come to expect from a Heavy Metal-Hair Metal-Christian Band that played loud. Stryper was in essence, doing the same thing musically that many of the Heavy Metal-Hair Metal bands of the ’80’s were doing… the only key difference was they were using inspirational/Christian lyrics and themes for their songs. I never was turned off by their religious glow, if anything, I was and still am into their brand of Heavy Metal music.

If I have said it once, I will say it a thousand times more – I am into bands that represent all of the Heavy Metal and Metal genres. Quite honestly, the only other Christian Metal Band that I ever saw live was a band called Bloodgood. (They were pretty good too, no pun intended). Bloodgood was an up and coming Christian Metal Band back in – you guessed it – the fired up ’80’s. I actually had an album from Bloodgood, to this day I do not know what happened to it. (I wish I still had it, then I could really blog about their music with some integrity). I do remember Bloodgood being quite cool live, with one song standing out called “The Messiah”.

In Metal summary, sure, Stryper has always been in the Metal Odyssey alliance – bands that I listen to and respect. In my Metal opinion, Stryper has carved out their place in Heavy Metal history, especially Christian Heavy Metal history. Here is an overview of what you will be looking at and/or holding if you get a copy of “The Roxx Regime Demos”: the liner notes in the CD are cool, with 4 pages of credits, a 1 page written background on “The Roxx Regime Demos”, 2 photos of Roxx Regime/Stryper, plus 1 page depicting Roxx Regime/Stryper concert posters & magazine covers from the 1980’s. Roxx Regime/Stryper is: Michael Sweet on lead vocals & guitar, Robert Sweet on drums, Oz Fox on vocals & guitar and Timothy Gaines on vocals & bass.


3 Responses to “STRYPER – “The Roxx Regime Demos” Is Classic Christian Heavy Metal”

  1. I want to check this out. Stryper was my first metal show in 1985.

  2. metalodyssey Says:

    I remember the Stryper show I went to… there were Metallica shirts in the crowd just as there were the die hard Stryper fans. I saw them on the “To Hell With The Devil” tour. Best Buy online has this disc, my local fye actually has it in their store… that is where I grabbed my copy of this disc.

    In Metal – Stone

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