WEDNESDAY 13 ‘Calling All Corpses’ – Horrificus Terrificus & Damn Fun Too!

WEDNESDAY 13 – Yes, Wednesday 13 wears his Alice Cooper “badge of influence” on his sleeve. I find it admirable, thank you. Calling All Corpses is a Horror Punk/Metal album that Alice Cooper should have made last year without any billionaire producer pulling the strings. Instead, this is a Wednesday 13 album and he uses his ghoul-given talent and cool as hell band to deliver 13 horrifying songs of thump and stomp on Calling All Corpses. These are songs that fans of Horror Metal, Horror Punk, Gothic and Hard Rock should easily get motivated to bounce up and down to, while kicking their neighbors trash cans over, under a moonlit sky.

Calling All Corpses is a party album. A crank-it-up-loud album. A “who gives a shit about the economy that our elected politicians screwed up” album. Wednesday 13 obviously realizes that Rock ‘N Roll was supposed to be (gasp) FUN in the first place and runs with it with infectious gusto. Wednesday 13 will never release an album to make you “think”, hell no. Wednesday 13 makes hard & heavy driven music to accommodate your escape from the stupid-ass stimuli that invades your space and day.

I appreciate Wednesday 13 for not trying to impress any Rock scholar out there who feels that the Rock history’s sun set and rose on 1969. The Punk fueled I Wanna Be Cremated and the hammerin’ Ghoul Of My Dreams may never get performed on any elitist Grammy stage, still, these songs have more substance than half of the audio sewage I suffered through, while listening to and watching that music comedy awards show.

It is not a ghastly move to buy Calling All Corpses and become absorbed by the Horror Punk/Metal and lyrics that spill from it. Calling All Corpses does not come across as cliché’, nor does this album ever drift off into repetitious content. If you’re looking for cliché’ and repetition, then watch a re-run of last Sunday’s Grammy Awards. This is a style of music born from good-times Rock ‘N Roll and it’s deserving of my Metal praise. Metal be thy name.

* Calling All Corpses was released  on October 11, 2011, via DevCo Entertainment.

Calling All Corpses Cast and Crew:

Wednesday 13 – lead vocals, rhythm guitar, keyboards

Roman Surman – lead guitar, background vocals

Jack Tankersley – bass, guitar, background vocals

Jason “Shakes” West – drums, background vocals

Brent Clawson – additional background vocals

Calling All Corpses – Track Listing:

Blood Fades To Black

I Wanna Be Cremated

Ghoul Of My Dreams

One Knife Stand

Calling All Corpses

Miss Morgue

Silver Bullets

Bad At Being Human

London After Midnight

Candle For The Devil

We All Die

Something Wicked This Way Comes

Blood Fades To Black (reprise)

* For more info on WEDNESDAY 13, click on the link below:



3 Responses to “WEDNESDAY 13 ‘Calling All Corpses’ – Horrificus Terrificus & Damn Fun Too!”

  1. I keep meaning to pick this up, and I think you officially sold another copy of this CD with this review. =)

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