QUIET RIOT ‘Live! At The US Festival 1983’ CD/DVD – Releases March 26th, 2012, via Shout! Factory

QUIET RIOT – Sunday, May 29th, 1983 was “Heavy Metal Day” at the US Festival at the brand-new outdoor venue in Glen Helen Regional Park in sunny San Bernardino, California. Quiet Riot was there to perform what eventually would become a historical Heavy Metal set. The third studio album from Quiet Riot, Metal Health, was only released a couple of months prior to this US Festival performance, in early March.

On March 26th, 2012, this essential Quiet Riot CD/DVD, Live! At The US Festival 1983, will be released via Shout! Factory and no true Quiet Riot and/or 80’s Heavy Metal fan shouldn’t be without owning a copy. This live performance is the full set, from May 29th, 1983. I know I’ll get ahold of this must Quiet Riot CD/DVD and it shall serve me right.

With nearly every song from Metal Health being included here, (Breathless, Don’t Wanna Let You Go and Thunderbird are the exceptions), this live performance from Quiet Riot was a celebration of both Heavy Metal and their widely embraced and eventual #1 album. Danger Zone was released as a remastered bonus track, back in 2001.

Metal Health would become the first #1 Heavy Metal album to land on the Billboard 200 chart. Amazing. Heavy Metal history comes back to life once again, with Live! At The US Festival 1983.

* To pre-order your copy of this super cool Quiet Riot CD/DVD, click on this link here: SHOUT! FACTORY

The DVD and CD track listings are identical.


QUIET RIOT – Live! At The US Festival 1983 – CD Track Listing:

Danger Zone

Run For Cover

Love’s A Bitch

Cum On Feel The Noize

Slick Black Cadillac

Let’s Get Crazy

Battle Axe

Let’s Get Crazy (Reprise)

Metal Health (Bang Your Head)


QUIET RIOT – 1983:

Kevin DuBrow – lead vocals

Carlos Cavazo – guitars & backing vocals

Rudy Sarzo – bass & synthezizer

Frankie Banali – drums & backing vocals


Rest In Peace, Kevin DuBrow.

Rest In Peace, Randy Rhoads.


3 Responses to “QUIET RIOT ‘Live! At The US Festival 1983’ CD/DVD – Releases March 26th, 2012, via Shout! Factory”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Great band. Great post. It is a shame they never lasted.

  2. I heard a broadcast of their performance at the US Festival in 1984, it was good. I saw them support Black Sabbath in 83 and they were brilliant, great memories

  3. Just got the CD a couple days ago. Review forthcoming!

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