STRYPER – World Tour 2012: West Greenwich, Rhode Island – Promo Video

STRYPER – Check out this very cool STRYPER promo video for the West Greenwich, Rhode Island concert! May 26th, Memorial Day Weekend!

Click Here To Purchase Tickets: THE ROCK JUNCTION

For more info on this STRYPER show, with special Rockin’ guests MASS, click on the large link below!

MASS – To Perform With STRYPER, Memorial Day Weekend! And More Fantastic MASS News!


For more info on STRYPER, click on the link below:

Stryper – Official Website

For more info on MASS, click on the link below:





6 Responses to “STRYPER – World Tour 2012: West Greenwich, Rhode Island – Promo Video”

  1. atothewr Says:

    Did the lead singer of Stryper just throw up the horns at the end of that video?

    • Metal Odyssey Says:

      I remember reading a Ronnie James Dio interview, where he explained “the horns” is a symbol to thwart off evil. He stated his grandmother used to do it and he learned it from her.

      Over the years, musicians of faith have raised the horns in the air… I’m convinced making “the horns” with your hand is not affiliated with worshiping the devil.

      I always saw Gene Simmons give the horns with his “thumb out”… I’ve read him stating that the horns with the thumb out means “I love you”.

      Very often, when I correspond with musicians of faith; they will end their emails with \m/

      I understand your question and it has become a confusing topic of discussion over the years… and “the horns” have become basically whatever one wants them to be.

      On the other end of the spectrum, I’m sure that musicians that don’t believe in God may have an entirely different interpretation of “the horns” being raised in the air… and “it is what it is”.

      I hope all my blab helps a bit… I am glad you brought it up. \m/\m/

      • atothewr Says:

        I do it all the time – it only means metal to me. Thanks for the response.

        • Metal Odyssey Says:

          It’s funny you said that… after I posted my overly long comment, I thought the exact same thing! Them “horns” are a symbol of METAL!! \m/\m/

  2. Cool advert! Stryper and MASS together, that should be an awesome show. Any chance they will come to the UK together? I did put MASS on the Wishlist for Bloodstock 2012, but had no response.

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