URIAH HEEP “Live In Armenia” – Stone’s Metal Pick Of The Day!

URIAH HEEP – Playing live on hired equipment, with technical problems to overcome, didn’t prevent Rock/Hard Rock legends URIAH HEEP from putting on an amazing live show; before thousands of enthusiastic fans in Armenia. This concert proved to be the first time URIAH HEEP played in Armenia… 40 years in the making! Just my hearing the excited fans in the background, singing along to these ultra classic URIAH HEEP songs, gives me the chills.

I get these Rock ‘N Roll chills for the simple fact; that URIAH HEEP is still around and playing their songs for the world! Guitarist and founding member Mick Box has kept his URIAH HEEP brand of smokin’ hot Hard Rock proudly upright; regardless of lineup changes over the decades. Live In Armenia is a celebration of URIAH HEEP Rock ‘N Roll and exemplifies just how timeless the sounds and songs of URIAH HEEP truly are.

I can’t get over how fine this live recording sounds. Both band and Bernie Shaw’s vocals sound excellent to my ears and I couldn’t say it any better than that. Easy Livin’, Sunrise and Angels Walk With You are my top three songs, however, as with so many Classic Rock bands, picking favorite songs is not a perfect science for me. I love listening to the guitar of Mick Box, the vocals of Bernie Shaw and the keyboards of Phil Lanzon. I love it all, man.Whoa, I do.

Longtime URIAH HEEP fans, Classic Rock/Rock/Hard Rock fans and any fan of damn righteous Rock ‘N Roll should own Live In Armenia. Metal be thy name, they should. This double CD was released on Frontiers Records, back on September 23rd, 2011. Live In Armenia was originally released with a companion DVD of this Concert as well.



Bernie Shaw – vocals

Mick Box – guitar

Phil Lanzon – keyboards

Trevor Bolder – bass guitar

Russell Gilbrook – drums


Live In Armenia – Track Listing:


Wake The Sleeper


Tears Of The World


Book Of Lies


Look At Yourself

What Kind Of God

Angels Walk With You



July Morning

Easy Livin



Lady In Black


Live In Armenia was produced by Mike Paxman.

* For more info on URIAH HEEP, click on the links below:





4 Responses to “URIAH HEEP “Live In Armenia” – Stone’s Metal Pick Of The Day!”

  1. Played with these guys in Banja Luka, bosnia, and their album Wake the sleeper, and this fine live set, prove they’re still on top of their game!

    Just got back from keep it true fest, Stone, and I’m fully metalled up!

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