Wanna See My TRIUMPH “Stages” Double Live Album I Bought? It’s Really Cool…

TRIUMPH Stages – Double Live Album (Front Cover)

TRIUMPH – Digging through bins of used vinyl gives me an adrenaline rush like no other. I love it. This past Friday (May 11th) I went to an antiques mall and headed straight to the used records. The dealer  that stocks these used records is a nice guy and from my experience talking to him, he knows about the history of Rock ‘N Roll. Everything from Buddy Holly to Iron Maiden picture discs are for sale from this dealer and his inventory is enormous. Hundreds of 45’s, cassettes, CD’s and even some 8-tracks are also available here.

As I stared gleefully at a Samantha Fox picture disc, from the corner of my eye I saw a bin of albums that gave me that special vibe. No, I didn’t buy the Samantha Fox picture disc; I probably would have if it was a buck or two. Alright, back to that bin of special vibes. There was (just about) every album from Krokus in it; only the condition of the albums were nasty. Heavy Metal albums aren’t that abundant from this dealer and it’s probably due to the steady foot traffic of other collectors that I’ve seen there… all looking for the heavy stuff.

TRIUMPH Stages – (Gatefold)

As I pulled this Triumph album from this magic bin of vinyl, I actually began to mutter aloud: Triumph! Stages! Double Vinyl! As I admired the excellent condition of the album jacket, I opened up the gatefold and knew I was holding a gem. The wear on this album jacket is normal and the original gloss is still, for the most part, ever-present. Both albums have played just fine and that’s the icing on the Metal cake for me! This Triumph double live album cost me $6 (U.S.) and I was more than happy to pay it.

TRIUMPH Stages was released back in 1985, on MCA Records. This album definitely belongs in my collection, especially on vinyl. From Classic Rock to Heavy Metal fans, Triumph has a widespread appeal with their fantastic catalog of albums. Stages makes for a great start to new Triumph fans, lending as both a live and greatest hits album. This album ROCKS like there is no tomorrow and I couldn’t be more honest than that.

TRIUMPH Stages – (Back Cover)

At the top of this back cover, in red lettering reads: “Recorded in various cities on the Allied Forces, Never Surrender and Thunder Seven Tours, 1981 to 1985.”

As a surprise bonus to this purchase; the original Triumph Stages merchandise sheet was inside one of the record sleeves! This sheet is in impeccable condition and makes for a Rockin’ conversation item.



Rik Emmett – guitars & vocals

Mike Levine – bass & keyboards

Gil Moore – drums & vocals


TRIUMPH STAGES – Track Listing:

(All songs are live, except where noted)

Side One:

When The Lights Go Down

Never Surrender

Allied Forces

Hold On

Side Two:

Magic Power

Rock And Roll Machine

Lay It On The Line

Side Three:

A World Of Fantasy

Druh Mer Selbo

Midsummer’s Daydream

Spellbound/Follow Your Heart

Side Four:

Fight The Good Fight

Mind Games – (Studio Track)

Empty Inside – (Studio Track)





15 Responses to “Wanna See My TRIUMPH “Stages” Double Live Album I Bought? It’s Really Cool…”

  1. Excellent! I remember being marooned somewhere in Northern Norway in ’81 with very little to do, and out of the blue on some random TV channel a live concert of ‘Triumph’ came on – gave me a metal boost out of my boredom!!

    • Metal Odyssey Says:

      How sweet was that, especially back then, when cable television was in it’s infancy or non-existent in many parts.

      Kev, that’s funny… “marooned somewhere in Northern Norway”… sounds like a song title you should use… LOL!

      Growing up, the Connecticut FM stations played tons of Triumph and RUSH, so much of it I didn’t have to buy all their albums back then! Not kidding! Now that’s a Canadian one-two punch right there!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    One of my fave bands still. Great find Stone! You rock! I just found three great used cds for $1.99 each. this morning…albums I’ve never had on cd. Led Zeppelin’s Physical Graffitti, Van Halen’s Diver Down, and Motley Crue’s Too Fast for Love. I am Freakin STOKED!

    • Metal Odyssey Says:

      A Metal congrats to you! That’s a Metal bargain, big time. Those are three mandatory albums, no question. I still never owned “Physical Graffiti” or “Too Fast For Love” on CD.

      Now I feel the urge to score a Metal find again… LOL!

      • Be careful when you’re buying Physical graffiti guys, the early CD releases of Zep were notoriously bad, some mastered from copies. The Jimmy Page remastered ones are the ones to look for .

        • Metal Odyssey Says:

          Thanks for the heads-up Kev! Whoa… I never even knew! I did pick up “Mothership” and that is a Jimmy Page remaster of songs.

          Um… all of my Zofo is on (gulp) cassettes still. (!) I lost the vinyl from Hurricane Irene last August. (flooded basement). 😦

          • I’ve got cassettes dropping to pieces Stone! One was ‘Volume’ by Ray Gomez that I got in 1980 (Norway again!) – I also misplaced a vinyl copy of it over the years and I’d never been able to find it on CD, but recently i was in touch with the man himself and a CD copy is on it’s way right now – so that’s one sorted!

            • Metal Odyssey Says:

              That’s cool you have that communication and are scoring an upgraded CD! I actually still buy cassettes used sometimes, some titles are just not in print at all. I have a few album titles for you to consider on future projects:

              ‘Norway On My Mind’

              ‘NO WAY! NORWAY!

              ‘Rockin’ My Way Through Norway’

              I’m a Rock ‘N Roll nerd Kev. (!) 🙂

            • You and me both, man! 😉 Our Witch Cross roadie, Ole, showed me an original 80’s cassette of ‘Fit for Fight’ on Chrome tape, still in it’s cellophane wrapper from Canada, he found it on ebay!

            • Metal Odyssey Says:

              That is fun stuff, a sealed Witch Cross cassette! Metal history! I’ve just recently noticed that many cassettes of the classics from the early days of the 80’s are selling very high in used condition; many Metal Blade bands that are not easy to find on CD.

              Honestly Kev, I’ve seen Sacred Reich titles on used cassettes for $20 a pop! I don’t know what that music dealer is thinking. Whoa!

  3. Great find Stone, you found a gem with that Triumph album. I always liked Triumph, brilliant band

    • Metal Odyssey Says:

      You gotta commemorate a Triumph album with your timeline over there! Um… please? 🙂 \m/

      • You need not worry about that. Many a Triumph album will be visited in my journey. I got their 1979 album already ear marked for when I get there.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    I Just picked up “Stages” at a flea market last weekend.
    Oct 2015 It is in near mint condition. I payed $3.00 us. I love this band and always will. It brings back good 80’s memories.

    • NICE!! You gotta love them flea markets! Great price!! Triumph does bring back good 80’s memories, you are right!

      Thanks for sharing such cool Metal news! Whoa. \m/\m/

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