Some Metal and Rock ‘N Roll Thoughts – Saturday, May 19th, 2012

Another week in the Metal books and still those (robotic-like) political talking heads continue to invade my late night television viewing; as I try to find cool documentaries on Bigfoot, UFO’s, ghost hunting and swamp dudes that aren’t afraid of nothing. As you can see, not all reality television is repulsive to me; especially when I’m informed by intellectual thinkers wearing L.L. Bean shirts as to when and where the next apocalypse will take place. I just hope I have my family by my side when this all comes down, along with my Motörhead, Orange Goblin and Six Feet Under CD’s.

The new Marilyn Manson album, Born Villain, was released on May 1st. I just bought it this past Thursday at Target. Yes, Target. Metal be thy name! The same super retailer who doesn’t carry squat when it comes to Metal or anti-Pop; then all of a sudden they’re selling Marilyn Manson’s new CD! Marilyn Manson’s (bonus track) cover of Carly Simon’s 1972 monster hit, You’re So Vain, is on this digipak copy I bought too. I don’t know if it’s a Target exclusive or not; quite frankly it gets confusing after a while when it comes to exclusives and bonus tracks.

Carly Simon – No Secrets (1972 -Elektra)

I alway’s found Carly Simon’s voice to be quite alluring. As a young lad, I used to get super huge ostrich bumps on my face and arms, every time You’re So Vain came on the radio. I’ve always taken a liking to this song. Go figure. Now, when I hear Marilyn Manson sing You’re So Vain, I’m just plain scared straight. Marilyn’s Industrial Metal meets horror style to You’re So Vain is an unreal listen. I actually like it better than Faster Pussycat’s cover of this same song. Trust me… Marilyn Manson made You’re So Vain into his very creepy own.

Side Note: Apparently, this cover of You’re So Vain features Johnny Depp too. I guess the dude does backing vocals. Whatever. Makes no difference to me. Next time I hope Marilyn Manson calls me to do backing vocals on one of his songs.

I cannot believe the music world has lost both Whitney Houston and Donna Summer in the same year. If someone was to have told me this would happen, I would’ve told them to take a long hike through a patch of thistle. Unfortunately, both these legendary voices of song are no longer alive and that’s sad to me.

Donna Summer passed away on May 17th, at the young age of 63. I express condolences to the family, friends and fans of Donna Summer. While growing up in the late 70’s and early 80’s, I couldn’t avoid being exposed to the Disco and Pop songs of Donna Summer. I can’t erase my past and I wouldn’t want to if I tried. My (late) sister had many of Donna Summer’s 45’s.

My favorite Donna Summer song is definitely McArthur Park. If my memory serves me right, this was my sister’s favorite as well. Just about every wedding I’ve ever been to, (with a hired DJ), Last Dance is played. Heck, my wedding had Last Dance as the “last song” as well. As Lenny Wolf of Kingdom Come would say: “It is what it is.”

Alright, those are some Metal and Rock ‘N Roll thoughts for Saturday, May 19th, 2012. Believe me, I have hundreds of other Rockin’ thoughts to share and I could go on all day and night; I just don’t want to tie you up any longer. I realize you have other stuff to do. It’s cool.




Rest In Peace, Donna Summer.


16 Responses to “Some Metal and Rock ‘N Roll Thoughts – Saturday, May 19th, 2012”

  1. Oh yes, the Queen of disco. Let me add my condolences, R.I.P. Donna Summer. I had similar reactions to Carly Simon’s voice and I must check out the new Marilyn Manson.

    • Metal Odyssey Says:

      It’s not that easy to be “different” anymore in any music genre… yet Marilyn Manson consistently continued to stand out when it came to his albums and image. I’ve always respected that about him. “Born Villain” is no different for him now and receives my Metal stamp of approval.

  2. Donna Summer’s passing is sad. In a genre that now seems to embrace a whole swathe of girls who sound EXACTLY the same, she had a very distinctive voice – you’d recognize those classy tones anywhere. And whilst it was the antithesis of everything I liked at the time, one has to recognize that ‘I feel love’ was an absolute game-changer, in the same way that ‘teen spirit’ was for Nirvana. She’ll be missed.

    Target – I love that store man! -because at their outlet in Austin, that’s where I got my awesome ‘Punisher’ T-shirt on sale! 🙂

    • Metal Odyssey Says:

      I forgot all about that song “I Feel Love” and now those K-tel record commercials are being lured out of my brain! LOL! Grand point you made as well.

      I’ll admit Kev… that Target does have a fine selection of T-shirts, I’ve bought a whole bunch of plain black t’s there over the years too. Plus the vintage band t’s they sell are hard to pass up.

      Hey Kev… The Punisher is… Metal. \m/\m/

      • He certainly is Stone!! 🙂 \m/\m/

        You ‘n’ metalman are right about Carly’s voice……….now I’m having a teenage moment….ha!

        • Metal Odyssey Says:

          For some reason or another, my local supermarket never fails to play “You’re So Vain” every time I shop there! Then I always feel like other customers are looking at me to see if this song affects me, while my face gets all flushed. (!)

          Uh… Whoa.

  3. atothewr Says:

    Nice post. I’ve never liked disco, but you can’t take away what Donna Summer meant to it. She had a great voice and she will be missed.

    • Metal Odyssey Says:

      I actually received two different Disco albums as gifts when I was a young lad. “Cruisin'” and “Go West” by The Village People were given to me as christmas gifts. (!) LOL!!! Metal be thy name!!! Whoa.

      If there was that “one” Disco band that I do like, it’s Heatwave. “Boogie Nights” and “The Groove Line” were always my favorite songs from them. That band actually played instruments and had a ton of soul in them too.

      • Gotta great Heatwave story for ya Stone! back in the 70’s the soon to be keyboard player of my first pro band shared a falt in a sleepy Englsih seaside town with a guy called Rod Temperton. Rod’s band kinda took off, with him writing the hits’n’all… was Heatwave, and he also wrote about 90 percent of “Off the Wall’ and ‘thriller’ albums for jacko! And you’re right – Heatwave were good! Their first single ‘ain’t no half-steppin’ was very cool.

        • Metal Odyssey Says:

          Whoa! That goes to show you Kev… it’s a small music world after all! That is a great story. Sometimes the “connections” that I read and hear about are downright fun!

          It’s like I was taught from an early age… “you just never know who is connected to who” and I relearn this all the time. Good stuff. 🙂

      • atothewr Says:

        Since you gave in and told me your disco secret.

        Here’s mine. I can’t help but enjoy the music of Abba.

        I can’t believe I just said that.

        • Metal Odyssey Says:

          It’s all about personal choice. I can’t listen to ABBA, myself.

          If you want to hear a very cool ABBA cover song, check out Tad Morose with their version of “Knowing Me Knowing You”… I think you might like it. I admittedly like this version myself… it’s Metal. \m/\m/

          • It IS possible to trace a little bit of coolness into Abba, if you look beneath the surface. Their long-time session guitarist, (i.e. the guy that played the lead stuff Bjorn couldn’t handle!)Janne Schaffer, made a great career doing a whole raft of guitar instrumental albums. One in particular – Earmeal -was with pretty much the whole Porcaro family. Not metal, but, y’know, not Abba either! 🙂

            Plus quite scarily, check out the bass line on Deep Purple’s ‘love don’t mean a thing’ from Stormbringer, and the bassline from ‘the name of the game’ by Abba…separated at birth? Scary!!!!

            • Metal Odyssey Says:

              Good points, Kev. Now I’m forced to listen to this ABBA song… LOL! I have never listened to Janne Schaffer’s solo material… schooled again! By Kev too. 🙂

              I guess I’m just bitter that ABBA got into The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame… while KISS, RUSH, Deep Purple, The Moody Blues, etc., etc, have not. I guess I need to let it go and move on. (!)

              I did put the word out, more than once (on twitter) if Cheap Trick were to follow Metal Odyssey on twitter, I would write a “positive post” about ABBA. LOL! Cheap Trick don’t seem to follow anyone on twitter though!

            • The thing is, regardless of the debate as to whether Abba were any good or not, they simply should NOT be in the rock’n’roll hall of fame. Undeniably great singers and songwriters, their occasional foray into a rock song was invariably twee at best. I never did ‘get’ the rock ‘n’roll hall of fame’s mentality when it comes to inductions….

  4. Metal Odyssey Says:

    Sensationally said and Metal amen to that Kev! Is there even one member of the Deep Purple “extended family” in The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame? Whoa. I know I always whine about this topic of “the hall” and still it feels good to get it aired out! 😮

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