Wanna See My WINGS Button I Bought? It’s Really Cool…

WINGS – There it is at the top! Now that’s what I call a really cool Rock ‘N Roll button! Wings! I absolutely couldn’t resist buying this Wings button on a recent trip to a local antiques mall. No way was I walking out of that building without this button! The Rock ‘N Roll legacy of Wings is nothing short of amazing. The super legendary Paul McCartney and (late) Linda McCartney ties to this band is motivation enough, for my adding this button to my collection.

As the button reads: WINGS Over Wembley EMI October, 1977; tells me this button was more than likely sold at the WINGS concert in Wembley Stadium, London, England. There’s definitely no trouble in dating this button, with 1977 being printed within the title! As I hold this button, I wonder who bought it and did they have a Rockin’ incredible time at this Wings concert? Did this person ever wear or display this button?

I know I would have been overjoyed to have seen Wings in concert, back in their heyday. 1977 marked a year that was in-between two studio album releases for Wings: (1976) Wings At The Speed Of Sound and (1978) London Town. I researched around to make sure there wasn’t a WINGS Over Wembley album, released by EMI, back in 1977. The verdict is there never was such an album released during 1977, according to my research. If there ever was such an album of this 1977 concert, please let me know with a comment.

WINGS AT THE SPEED OF SOUND – (1976 – Capitol)

Wings – London Town (1978 – Capitol)

My favorite Wings song of all-time is With A Little Luck. This fabulous song is on London Town. It’s not easy having a favorite Wings song; there are so many classics within their catalog of seven studio albums.

There was a (Live) Wings Over America album that was released back in 1976. It was initially released as a triple album and included a poster of the band.

Wings Over America – (1976/Capitol)

Thank you for sticking around for my blabbing about this really cool and vintage Wings button. Alright, by now you’re asking: “Stone, what did you pay for this really cool and vintage WINGS Over Wembley button?” I shall reveal: $5 (U.S.). Not too shabby. Just this weekend, I also found this button being sold on ebay for $28 (U.S.). Not a bad Rock ‘N Roll find for $5! One last important note: this Wings button measures 2 1/8″ across.

Metal be thy name.



Rest In Peace, Linda McCartney.

Rest In Peace, Jimmy McCulloch.


12 Responses to “Wanna See My WINGS Button I Bought? It’s Really Cool…”

  1. I did like Wings throughout most of the 70s although my favourite album was “Band on the Run.” London Town was good too, but my favourite song off it was “I’ve had Enough.” Always liked that symbol, looks a bit metal, don’t you think?

    • Metal Odyssey Says:

      Yeah, the Wings symbol has a Classic/Traditional Metal look about it! Plus, it was NOT computer created either! Someone actually drew that Wings symbol… (gulp)… by hand! \m/\m/

      • Their backstage passes had a cool retro design too Stone, I’ll try and post a pic.

        • Metal Odyssey Says:

          Excellent, Kev! Wait a Metal second… did you at one time… have a backstage pass to… Wings? Please tell-all if you did Kev!

          • Thanks for the link Stone! Sadly, no backstage pass for me personally (but I have a nice Macca story I’ll relate some time) but here’s the pass:

            and while we’re on memorabilia and collections, I never got rid of my ticket stub from Led Zep’s secret gig in Copenhagen back in ’79 – it was awesome! :

            • Metal Odyssey Says:

              Good stuff Kev!! Those Wings stage passes are something else! I really like the look of them. From the color, fonts and overall design, they scream old school!

              That Led Zeppelin ticket stub must be very, very rare! For you to have seen this band live back in ’79 is fabulous… and a secret gig as well! All three items you’ve shared here Kev, are such immensely important pieces of Rock history.

              Thank you Kev for introducing these three unreal great items to the discussion… you ROCK \m/\m/

            • My pleasure Stone – not only was I lucky enough to be at the Zep gig in Copenhagen, I was at Earl’s Court London for one of their 5 nights run in 1975 – just a boy of 17 and blown away by their almost 4 hours on stage! I’ll never forget it. Many many years later , when I met my old friend Keith Webb, drummer for Donovan, Terry Reid and Paladin, he told me how, as he was on tour and in the same hotel, he dressed as a waiter and went outside to welcome Zep on their first tour of America with a silver tray and champagne!

  2. Life is full of coincidences Stone, and this is one of them…only yesterday I dug out an old coffee table book i haven’t looked at for a long time – ‘WINGSPAN’ – a great book by Paul, with Linda’s pics of their time touring America with wings, making ‘At the speed of sound’ and ‘London Town’…amazing!

    • Metal Odyssey Says:

      Whoa, Kev! That is synchronicity at it’s Rockin’ finest! Unreal and whoa!

      That coffee table book sounds very, very swell too. We have a store down here (Ollie’s Bargain Outlet) that sells $50 coffee table books for $10… etc. Many are older Rock related books (of all genres) too. I’ll keep my eyes out for ‘WINGSPAN’ now, as I mosey around. 🙂

      Here is the link to Ollie’s Bargain Outlet:


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