FOREIGNER “Alive & Rockin” – Proof Positive That FOREIGNER Still Connects Their Illustrious Past To The Present

FOREIGNER – I imagine that the past accomplishments of Foreigner can undoubtedly be looked upon as legendary; while the present-day Foreigner lineup can be upheld as superheroes protecting, celebrating and building upon an enviable Rock ‘N Roll legacy. For a Rock/Hard Rock band that should be enshrined in The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, only to be ignored by the political party that oversees it, Foreigner justifiably has the world-wide popular vote among generations of fans that know ultra quality when they hear and see it.

Alive & Kickin’ is proof positive that Foreigner still connects their illustrious past to the present. A live recording from their 2006 performance at the Bang Your Head!!! Festival in Balingen, Germany; Foreigner is a band continuously touring to this very day and bringing to life a catalog of songs from albums that have sold over 70 million world-wide.

Any “famous” band in the land (switching around vocalists) can learn a valuable lesson from Foreigner: make absolutely certain your new lead singer can relate the true emotion of the song; while capturing the essence of what it means to vocally represent such band’s storied history of music. With Hurricane as his credible launching pad, lead vocalist Kelly Hansen has earned his Rock ‘N Roll doctorate with Foreigner, by excelling at following Lou Gramm so effortlessly well.

As my ears dictate, Foreigner hasn’t succumbed to being a stale semblance of what once was. Still recording and touring to sell-out crowds, spanning five decades, equates that Rock ‘N Roll magic is consistently being captured by this band. Alive & Rockin’ projects the sounds and vibes of a profoundly memorable Classic Rock era, celebrating both Foreigner’s hit songs and their legendary past; bringing me back to those starry-eyed days of my teen-hood, while erasing the momentary stress I encounter on the present day.

If there ever was a power-house quinary of albums in the history of Rock, that can be used as the measuring stick to both Rock and Hard Rock mainstream success, then Foreigner’s 1977 self-titled debut, 1978’s Double Vision, 1979’s Head Games, 1981’s 4 and 1984’s Agent Provocateur are to be celebrated as such.

This is a quality performance that was recorded on Alive  & Rockin’, with my lone gripe of wanting to hear Kelly Hansen chat-it-up more with the thousands of fans in attendance. (I’ve always been a sucker for that lead singer-to-crowd interaction). Alive & Rockin’ was released this past May 29th, via Eagle Rock Entertainment. I couldn’t argue with any better time for this live album release, especially since Summer is here and the urge to play Classic Rock on high volume with the car windows down is epidemic.

Mick Jones should feel very proud of his success at keeping this (his) Rockin’ Foreigner ship sailing. I strongly recommend Alive & Rockin’ to any and all Classic Rock, Rock and Hard Rock fans. Only the strong, talented and wise survive, yet in Rock music you must add adaptable to the mix… and Foreigner bestows these attributes while carrying the torch of relevance high in the air. I won’t stamp this as an all-time great live album in Rock history; still it’s Foreigner at their live Rockin’ best and I couldn’t ask for more than that. Alive & Rockin’ is sound proof of my Rockin’ beliefs I’ve just written. Metal be thy name.



Mick Jones – lead guitar, keyboards and vocals

Kelly Hansen – lead vocals

Jason Bonham – drums

Jeff Jacobs – keyboards and vocals

Tom Gimbel – guitar, saxophone, flute and vocals

Jeff Pilson – bass guitar and vocals


Alive & Rockin’ – Track Listing:

Double Vision

Head Games

Dirty White Boy

Cold As Ice


Feels Like The First Time


Juke Box Hero / Whole Lotta Love

Hot Blooded


For more info on FOREIGNER, click on the link below!




6 Responses to “FOREIGNER “Alive & Rockin” – Proof Positive That FOREIGNER Still Connects Their Illustrious Past To The Present”

  1. When I was in the States in 2010, I found a Foreigner triple pack in WalMart called ‘Can’t Slow Down’. It featured the new album, a CD of remixes, and a live DVD and its superb. I’ve loved Foreigner since day one, and their lineage, traced back to Spooky Tooth and other classic British bands permeates their sound. may they rock forevermore. Kelly Hansen somehow manages to step into Gramm’s almost impossible to fill shoes with aplomb.

    By the way, I’d like to add to your list of foreigner albums the underrated ‘Mr.Moonlight’ -it’s a great album!

    • Foreigner are another great band that should be in the Hall of Fame, but we all know the story there. I admit, I did go off them a bit in the early 80s when they had a few love ballads in the top ten. However, recently I found myself getting a bit annoyed when I heard some dance version of “Waiting for a Girl Like You” sung by some no name. Foreigner are another of the great rock mainstays.

      • Metalman: that dance version was a f*king travesty! Almost as bad as the REALLY awful disco version by some loser of Toto’s ‘I won’t hold you back’ – THAT was truly awful!

        • Metal Odyssey Says:

          Golly! I never heard the dance version of “Waiting For A Girl Like You”… hope I never do!

          I used “Golly” as a tribute to the passing of the legendary Andy Griffith on Tuesday. An American icon of an actor! His “Andy Griffith Show” was/still is so funny that it’s… Metal. \m/

      • Metal Odyssey Says:

        Absolute points made Metal Buddy! I never cared for “Waiting For A Girl Like You”… only I won’t discount it’s importance at making all the girls cry and getting mushy. It’s a necessary evil sometimes in Rock ‘N Roll. 🙂

    • Metal Odyssey Says:

      That’s a grand one Kev! Walmart has their “exclusives” and that triple pack is just that. I’ve said it numerous times… Walmart has the best selection of CD’s, with independent Metal labels that float in too, (in my area anyhow).

      ‘Mr. Moonlight’ is one of those unsung albums from the 90’s! Great to point that one out, Kev.

      I found the lone Mick Jones solo CD from 1989… at (yes, you guessed it) a thrift store a few years ago. I paid 98 cents for it. I salvaged the CD yet lost the liner notes when our basement was flooded last year.

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