KISS RULES! Wanna See My KISS ARMY Patch I Bought? It’s Really Cool…

Last Sunday I went out shopping for back-to-school stuff with the girls. Shopping for school supplies can get very boring for a middle-aged Metalhead; unless you stumble upon cool KISS stuff, like the KISS Army patch you see above! Whoa!

One of the stores we went to is called Michaels. This store sells arts and crafts galore. It’s a very clean and organized store too. Michaels is North America’s largest arts and crafts retailer, with 1,079 namesake stores.

As I walked around Michaels I saw this KISS Army patch for sale on an endcap display. Since my first KISS Army patch (on my first denim jacket) has been long gone for decades, I decided it was time to renew! What’s the price for this KISS Army patch you ask? $5 in U.S. funds. Whoa.

Here is what a Michaels store looks like:

In case you wanted to know, here is what the cardboard backing (the patch is on) looks like:

As you can see in the above photo, C&D Visionary Inc. distributes this cool KISS Army patch. C&D Visionary Inc. is a leader in selling to merchants tons of pop-culture and Rock ‘N Roll related items. They have a website, only it’s a wholesale site for retailers with valid sellers permits only. Still, it’s a fantastic site to check out if you’re  not a retailer:




(Source for Michaels statistical info: Reuters News)

For more info on KISS, click on the link below!




2 Responses to “KISS RULES! Wanna See My KISS ARMY Patch I Bought? It’s Really Cool…”

  1. Ha! that’s cool man! takes me back to my old denim jacket!

  2. Cool patch.

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