BLACK TORA – The 5 song EP, RAISE YOUR FISTS, from BLACK TORA is available on iTunes… NOW! This Hard & Heavy Rockin’ power trio from Mcallen, Texas have brought back the energy, attitude, riffage, vocals, ultra-memorable beats and arena-style sound; a pump-you-up sound that has been missing for far too long… in an over-saturated industry of Modern Hard Rock carbon-copycats.

Chris Daniel (vocals & bass), RazorDave (guitar) and Nicky X (drums) have recorded an EP that is guaranteed to kick your Hard Rock lovin’ brain and ears into submission, all while you’re begging for more! I will be writing a more detailed & kick-ass review on Raise Your Fists in the coming days, stay tuned!

To purchase your potent dosage of BLACK TORA’s Hard Rockin’ whoop-ass, oops, (I meant) Raise Your Fists EP, click on the link below! Metal be thy name.


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BLACK TORA “Never Enough” – Official Music Video Is All About: Psych-You-Out Of Your Brains Heavy Rock!


For more info on BLACK TORA, click on the links below!



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