FEAR FACTORY – Let’s Ponder The Concept Of ‘The Industrialist’

FEAR FACTORY – By now, every loyal Fear Factory fan has (hopefully) purchased and listened to The Industrialist (at least) 500 times by now. Maybe more. Released back on June 2nd, via Candlelight Records, The Industrialist is a concept album that has what may be interpreted as a complex storyline, due in part to its philosophical thoughts that the lyrics provoke. I’ve (once again) been thoroughly entertained by the legendary Industrial Metal sound of Fear Factory on their eighth studio album. The concept has been equally fun for me as well, albeit a bit scary though!

Stone notes: When I refer to “machine” in the following lines, it is referenced towards the Industrialist and automaton(characters) that are the focal points of this impressive and chilling album: The Industrialist.

Man creates machine. Machine becomes a “free-thinker” by developing memories and emotions. Machine senses a “longing for existence” through said inherited memories and emotions. Machine rebels against its creator; which is man. The longtime controversial topic of man versus machine is once again realized and materialized through song, courtesy of the dynamic Industrial Metal super-duo of Burton C. Bell (vocalist, lyricist, producer) and Dino Cazares (multi-instrumentalist, producer).

I find The Industrialist to perhaps be a warning of what could one day become. Mankind may not have automatons walking around and tending to our every single need at this moment in 2012; yet computers do have an automaton quality about them. Granted, computers can only perform tasks that they are programmed to do and mankind still controls the technological wheel that drives every application we depend on.

(Left) Burton C. Bell, (Right) Dino Cazares

As I write this post on my MacBook Pro, I realize this computer will only do what I “tell it to do” by the click of a mouse or strike of a key. However, the science fiction side of my brain does make me ponder: could there one day be a computer application that will inherit true human emotions and memories? I’m not talking about archival memories, nor synthetic emotions here… I’m questioning the scary thought of a computer app becoming a free thinking entity!

The more I ponder this sci-fi aspect of computer technology, the more difficult it becomes (for me) to comprehend. A topic like this may very well be grouped in with those sensitive subjects such as politics, religion and (gasp) sex. Are we (mankind) supposed to question our rapid ascent of technology? When the topic of Armageddon is raised, the usual suspects of nuclear war, UFO’s, climate change, spontaneous natural disasters, the burning out of our sun, disease, famine and meteor showers are discussed. What about man-made machines like robotics or computers being the culprit(s) of a terrifying Armageddon?

As I read and listen to the lyrics of The Industrialist, it does take me back to the iconic box office franchise known as The Terminator and 2004’s I, Robot. This Fear Factory album has also reminded me of the song Metal Gods, from the 1980 Judas Priest album classic: British Steel. One stirring lyrical line from Metal Gods sums it up best, when delving into the sic-fi aspect of machine versus man: “From techno seeds we first planted, Evolved a mind of its own”.


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