EVILYN STRANGE – Reveal Debut Album Artwork, Debut Single Along With 6 Minute Epic “Everything” Streaming Online Now

EVILYN STRANGE are proud to reveal the new artwork for their forthcoming album Mourning Phoebe.  The band is also happy for people to hear a sample of the six-minute epic Everything taken from the debut album.  This latest sample showcases the work of Al Strange (drums) and Mikael Johannesson (lead guitar).  The debut album artwork and sample of the music can be seen and heard below!

This follows the recent release of the band’s debut single “The Ballad Of Evilyn Strange”

The full version of The Ballad Of Evilyn Strange can be heard on Soundcloud, just click the link below!


There is now also an official Twitter account for people to keep up to speed with developments leading up to the release of Mourning Phoebe:




Phillip (lead vox/ bass guitar)

Al (drums/ programming/ backing vox)

Mikael (lead guitar)

Chris (computer wizardry)


Stone Says: Evilyn Strange are part English and Swedish. There’s no question in my Metal mind that Evilyn Strange are seriously on to something very special here, with their Melodic Metal meets Hard Rock sound. They’re modern and (then again) their Classic Rock influences seem to have taught them very well. With confident and astute musical vibes swirling about, there is something different about this band’s heaviness and melodies that makes them sound so damn refreshing to my ears… and I totally dig what I’m hearing! Metal be thy name.


(Source: Phillip Hackney)

Mourning Phoebe cover art by Rob Richardson of Fat Robot.

For more info on EVILYN STRANGE, click on the link below!

facebook: Evilyn Strange



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