THE WRETCHED END “INROADS” – This Dark & Extreme Metal Album Is: Stone’s METAL Pick Of The Day!

THE WRETCHED END – The second studio album, Inroads, from Norway’s The Wretched End was released this past Summer, via Candlelight Records. The Metal muscular supergroup of Samoth (lead/rhythm guitars), Cosmo (lead/rhythm guitars, bass & vocals) and Nils Fjellström are so incredible together that it’s scary. These three musicians are at the very top of their Metal tier once again with Inroads.

Dark lyrically, Extreme with a blackened atmosphere and mood; I cannot get enough of this sophomore release from The Wretched End. The combination of Cosmo’s vocals and the Metal music are for all intents and purposes… Extreme perfection. If our Metal community needs an ambassador band to stand up to all the societal bullshit we must (all) endure, then I’m electing The Wretched End.

Samoth is a Metal legend. Period. His presence is heard and remarkably felt all over these songs on Inroads and it’s a grand experience to take in. Nils Fjellström on drums is so damn great to listen to. Honestly, this band was meant-to-be and they play like they’ve been together forever. This entire album is a favorite for me, with each song blazing into the next in all of its Extreme and Blackened Metal glory.

Inroads is easily one of the very best among Metal albums of 2012, in my personal Metal opinion. This is an album you must hear and spread the Metal word about. Fans of Emperor, Dark Funeral, Scum and Zyklon know these guys are unreal at mastering their Metal craft. What’s important to know is – The Wretched End bestows Black Metal, Death Metal, Thrash Metal and all grand attributes of Extreme Metal, all wrapped into one.

The Wretched End blew my Metal mind with their 2010 debut Ominous; this follow-up titled Inroads has had the same, if not more of an effect on me; in turn, solidifying my highest level of recommendation of their Metal to all my fellow Metal brethren. The Wretched End is what Metal is all about. Metal be thy name.


Samoth – lead/ rhythm guitar

Cosmo – lead/ rhythm guitar, bass, vocals

Nils Fjellström – drums


INROADS – Track Listing:

Tyrant of the Mountain

Deathtopian Society

Death by Nature

Cold Iron Soul

The Haunting Ground

Fear Propaganda

Blackthorn Winter


Throne Renowned of Old


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