DEF LEPPARD – VIVA! HYSTERIA & MORE > Las Vegas, March 22nd To April 10th, 2013



Here’s Where To Get ALL The Info YOU NEED:

See Def Leppard’s Viva Hysteria! LIVE in Vegas March 22-April 10! Get tickets here:

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14 Responses to “DEF LEPPARD – VIVA! HYSTERIA & MORE > Las Vegas, March 22nd To April 10th, 2013”

  1. Sheffield steel comes to the Vega$ $and….whatever next? LOL!

  2. Not sure about this Vegas thing for them. I guess the boys need to get paid.

    • I can understand what you and Kev are thinking.

      The way I see it, Vegas has probably realized that people (with musical tastes like ours) do exist and are going to Sin City for conventions and vacations… and Heavy Rock can generate revenue for their coffers.

      Um… maybe I’m being too matter of fact about it all. Gee, I sound like a city council member for Las Vegas. LOL! I guess I’ll ring the “worry bell” once I see Slayer do this kind of gig. LOL! \m/\m/

      • Honestly, it kind of does fit Def Leppard post Hysteria. I guess as a fan of the band I hate to see them just being a greatest hits act. I guess that’s where it is right now.

        • Yeah… with so many bands from the 80’s not releasing albums consistently or at all (hello Poison and Cinderella) being a “greatest hits act” seems to be quite commonplace more and more these days.

          I can see KISS doing this gig eventually… that would be a HUGE money maker. Whoa. \m/ 😮

  3. The real reason behind these kind of shows, and bands doing greatest hits packages, is this -(and it’s an uncomfortable truth for a lot of fans) bands simply don’t make anywhere near as muich money from releasing albums nowadays, due to illegal file sharing, and indeed the growth of the gaming market among young people, which I think accounts for more than twice the sales per annum than anything music-related. So the music-loving demographic is shrinking, and the ones that DO love it, often take it for free. Bands are simply doing what they have to do. All these ‘reunions’ – don’t think for a moment they all REALLY love each other again – they can’t live off royalties from sales – they have to gig. This is all very well for the bands with a huge catalogue of hits behind them, but you can say goodbye to a lot of the one hit wonders.

    • You have made some (very) valid points Kev. I do need to be reminded that the music industry is a “different ballgame” in 2012. It’s a reality check for me when a professional musician, like yourself, tells it like it is. \m/\m/

  4. Def Leppard Rocks! I love this album too, definitely a good fav!

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