EUROPE “Always The Pretenders” – This CD Single From 2006 I Won In A Magazine Contest!

Europe - Always The Pretenders - CD single - cover promo



It was sometime back in 2006 and I saw a contest ad in Revolver Magazine; with the prize being a CD single of Always The Pretenders by EUROPE. I forget what the actual questions(s) I had to answer were, to win this CD single. I believe the contest was run by Sanctuary (Records), then again my memory is vague on it. I guess that stuff doesn’t really matter anymore!

All I do know: I still own this CD single (that I won) and I recently stumbled upon it while rummaging through some CD’s I haven’t listened to in years. This (lead) single Always The Pretenders was used to promote the seventh EUROPE studio album released back in 2006: Secret Society (Sanctuary). This CD single was released via T&T / Sanctuary.

The song Always The Pretenders and album Secret Society is not the Glam/Arena/Hair Metal version of EUROPE from the 80’s; instead, this is a much more Modern and Hard Rockin’ version of the latter. Honestly, the sound that EUROPE tapped into back in 2004 with Start From The Dark married well with their sound on Secret Society from 2006. Relevancy is key here, my Metal brethren.

Europe - promo group pic - 2006 - #1

EUROPE – 2006

What makes this CD single extra cool is there are 4 songs on it. Here’s the track listing: Always The Pretenders (Radio Edit), 2. Always The Pretenders (Album Version), 3. Flames (Live) and 4. Superstitious (Live). The 2 live songs were previously unreleased. Both live songs were recorded at B.B. King in New York.

Superstitious originally appeared on Out Of This World; the fourth studio album from EUROPE released back in 1988. Flames originally appeared on Start From The Dark; the sixth studio album from EUROPE, released back in 2004. Both live songs are solid listens from EUROPE, with some top-tier sound quality happening.

I surely recommend this CD single from EUROPE to all Classic Rock and 80’s Hard Rock/Arena Rock fans. As for this EUROPE CD single being a collectible one day, who knows? I’ve seen this CD single selling between $4 and $10 (U.S.) around the internet, both used and new.


Here’s what the album cover of EUROPE – Secret Society looks like:

Europe - Secret Society - promo cover pic!

Released back in 2006 via Sanctuary Records, this Secret Society CD doesn’t come cheap! I’ve seen “used” CD prices range from $22 to $75+ (U.S.) around the internet. Granted, some used copies are imports and command import prices, nonetheless, this EUROPE CD has become collectible. Metal be thy name!


Europe - Sweden Rock Festival - 2013 - promo banner - 30th Anniversary

EUROPE – 2013:

Mic Michaeli – Keys

John Levén – Bass

Joey Tempest – Vocals

John Norum – Guitars

Ian Haugland – Drums


For more info on EUROPE, click on the links below!

facebook: Europe

Stone - Motorhead Tee  pic:small





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