BLACK SABBATH – “13” Cover Art Has Been Revealed… Blah And Yawn Sums It Up Best

Black Sabbath - 13 - promo cover pic - 2013

BLACK SABBATH – Make no mistake, I am highly anticipating the new studio album to be released from the forever legendary Black Sabbath, just like millions of other fans. I have no  doubt, the Heavy Metal from their forthcoming album 13 will be a delicacy to my Metal loving ears. My huge Metal question is: what the heck happened to the album artwork for 13?

Let’s be real here my fellow Metal brethren. This album artwork for 13 looks like sausage that caught on fire; while sitting too long on the outdoor grill. Give me a Metal break. This album signifies studio album #19 from a band that (quite frankly) began our Heavy Metal genre in the first place… and this is the (not so) prolific art that the fans get to see?

Granted, Black Sabbath have had their share of lineup changes over the decades and studio album #19 is without the legendary Bill Ward on drums; so it’s not like I was expecting a ground-breaking album cover that would rival anything that the ultra-talented Derek Riggs (of Iron Maiden fame) has ever accomplished. Still, I was hoping for something that would scream the prowess of Black Sabbath. Man, this album cover is lame.

It’s bad enough that this new Black Sabbath studio album is missing Bill Ward (or Vinny Appice for that matter); now the album cover is a bust. Um, no offense to Brad Wilk. Someone should have reminded whoever was in charge that the #13 has been so overused in the world of music and Pop-Culture that it basically has no spooky or mystical meaning at all anymore. Whoopie-doo.

Did “the powers that be” that oversaw the creation of this album cover really think that a seasoned Metalhead like myself would be blown away by burning sausage twisted into the #13? Alas, I’m certain that Tony Iommi, Geezer ButlerOzzy and Brad Wilk will save the day and 13 will Rock my face off. It’s the music that matters most. Metal be thy name.


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4 Responses to “BLACK SABBATH – “13” Cover Art Has Been Revealed… Blah And Yawn Sums It Up Best”

  1. Mmmm…. somebody selected the ‘hold creativity’ filter on photoshop. and incidentally, can I get some ketchup for that sausage? \m/

  2. MMMMM Sausage . . . Wait! That’s an album cover. Yeah, the cover looks like crap.

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