ICED EARTH – New Studio Album “Plagues Of Babylon” Releasing October 2013

ICED EARTH - band promo pic - #7 - 2013

As reported on the facebook page of ICED EARTH:

Horns Up brothers and sisters!

I just wanted to write to you on behalf of myself, and the band, to say thank you for the amazing growth that has been taking place on the Official Iced Earth Facebook Page. We have reached 300,000 likes in a very short time and there appears to be no end in sight.

Since we have this special occasion, I thought I might share some exclusive news with you guys, right here, straight from the source:

The new ICED EARTH studio album is expected to have an October 2013 release date. It will be titled “PLAGUES OF BABYLON” and we are very excited about how killer things are sounding this early in the writing/demo process. Below are some of the song titles that will appear on the album.

1.) Plagues of Babylon
2.) Democide
3.) Among The Living Dead
4.) The Resistance
5.) If I Could See You
6.) Peacemaker
7.) Cthulhu
8.) Parasite

I expect this album will be something very special!
Stay tuned to this page (facebook: Iced Earth) for breaking news about ICED EARTH’s mega-packed schedule and coming tour dates. You will hear it here first!

Thanks again for your continued support of the band! We love you guys!

Take care,

Jon Schaffer

Iced Earth - large classic logo - #5

For more info on ICED EARTH, click on the links below!

facebook: Iced Earth

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