RUSS DWARF “WIRELESS” – An Acoustic Rock Prize… From Start, Middle To Finish

russ dwarf - wireless

RUSS DWARF – The legendary Russ Dwarf, (most famous as the frontman/founding member of Killer Dwarfs) has taken me on an acoustic Rock journey; one that is so memorable, it’s like being given a prize! The prize is Wireless and it’s the new Acoustic Rock album that Russ Dwarf has released, filled with songs from his Killer Dwarfs catalog and featuring some of the finest musicians in the industry today. (See musicians listed at end of post).

I am now convinced that Russ Dwarf has become equally famous as a solo artist; now that he’s excelling in such quality musical fashion during his post-Killer Dwarfs era. Transforming Heavy Rock songs into acoustic versions of themselves can be a risky move for any famous name within said genre; Tesla, Mr. Big, Nirvana and Foreigner (to name a few) have all succeeded with an unplugged stopover and Russ Dwarf can be rightfully added to that grand list, in my respectful opinion.


On Wireless, the vocals of Russ Dwarf are as engaging as they’ve ever been, with his immediately identifiable voice reminding me of an era when Heavy Metal was loud, proud and unequivocally colorful. With that said, the atmosphere of Wireless is upbeat and gives way to a feel-good listening experience. Wireless and its ten songs comes across as such a natural progression of acoustic gladness, that it’s undeniably refreshing to even my Extreme Metal soul.

Once I listened to the album opener Keep The Spirit Alive, the realization had set in that Russ Dwarf hasn’t lost a micro step as a veritable Rock star; he has brought his Rockin’ past into the present with a confidence that I both hear and feel. Wireless isn’t the acoustic Rock album to wind the party down to; it’s actually just the opposite! The animated vocals of Russ Dwarf, coupled with the vibrant acoustic tones that blankets Wireless, makes this album one of the foremost of its kind that I’ve listened to in years.

Russ Dwarf - Publicity Pic - 2013 - #1

WIRELESS – Track Listing:

Keep The Spirit Alive

Stand Tall

I’m Alive

Startin’ To Shine

Doesn’t Matter

Comin’ Through

Dirty Weapons

Look Around

Four Seasons

Driftin’ Back

Russ Dwarf - Publicity Pic - #7 - 2013



Russ Dwarf – vocals

Glenn Belcher – guitars, sitars, banjo, wood

Rob “Zaks” Zakojc – bass, all backing vocals

Additional Musicians:

Kevin Simpson (guitar), Dan Lear (guitar), Kevin Reid (guitar), Fred Duvall (bottles of anger), Cosimo Crupi (keyboards), Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal (guitar) and Glen Drover (guitar).


For more info on RUSS DWARF, click on the links below!

facebook: Russ DWaRf

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