Ronnie James Dio – Remembering A Metal Icon

ronnie james dio - publicity pic - #1 - 2009

Ronnie James Dio – As incredible as it sounds, it’s been three years since the iconic Ronnie James Dio passed away. May 16th, 2010 was one of the saddest days in the history of Metal and Rock N’ Roll. At age 67, Ronnie James Dio’s battle with cancer came to a tearful end. No matter how evil cancer is, the one thing it cannot destroy is the memories and spirit of its courageous victims.

The spirit of Ronnie James Dio shall forever live on and my memories of seeing him in concert, listening to his albums and letting his lyrics and music move me will never fade away. Never. I am very pleased to see the constant and never-ending outpouring of love that the fans, bands, musicians and record labels give toward Ronnie James Dio each day on social network sites like twitter and facebook.

DIO "Holy Diver" large promo album pic!

It’s truly amazing to read about how many lives that this one incredibly talented man had touched over the decades; and Ronnie James Dio is still touching us all with his never quit strength he had exhibited and priceless Metal spirit that lives on (in all of his fans). There will never be another Ronnie James Dio.

God Bless Ronnie James Dio and may he rest in peace.


DIO - Classic Logo!!___________________________________________

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For more info on Ronnie James Dio, click on the links below!

facebook: The Official Ronnie James Dio Fan Page

Legendary DIO Tribute Band: facebook: Dio Disciples


Long Live Rock N’ Roll.

Ronnie James Dio

July 10, 1942 – May 16, 2010

4 Responses to “Ronnie James Dio – Remembering A Metal Icon”

  1. Already three years?
    Hard to believe!

  2. Unbelievable, Stone. Three years. Today, I’m playing Heaven & Hell ‘The Devil you Know’ loud and proud in his memory. RIP Ronnie – one of the TRUE greats of metal. \m/\m/

  3. Three years already, it is hard to believe. Needless to say, his music will forever slay dragons.

  4. Can’t believe its been three years. Time goes so fast.

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