BRET MICHAELS – “Rock My RV” Series Debuts On Travel Channel, On May 26th!

Rock My RV - travel channel - series logo - 2013

As reported on the Travel Channel website:

Legendary rocker Bret Michaels will host the all-new “Rock My RV” series on the Travel Channel beginning on May 26th, 2013. Time: 9/8c

See our Bret Michaels slideshow.

Fans of Michaels know him as a long-time RV devotee, and now Travel Channel is revealing, for the first time, just how deep his RV passions run. Michaels, a hands-on enthusiast, leads a team of skilled, custom RV designers and fabricators who transform travelers’ ordinary RVs into the most outrageous, badass, hooked-up mobile mansions on the road.

“For the past 25 years, Bret Michaels has spent at least 9 months out of the year in a tour bus that he personally designs from top to bottom,” said Andy Singer, Travel Channel GM. “We couldn’t think of a better front man than Bret for the series. He lives and breathes life on the road, and undoubtedly, holds the record for the most hours logged in a custom coach. Bret jumped at the chance to share his passion for travel and the RV experience through the fascinating, obsessive world of customizing RVs.”

“Between touring and traveling, I spend a lot of time on the road, and my tricked-out, custom coach is my home away from home,” says “Rock My RV” host Bret Michaels. “I crisscross the country and live in my tour bus, and I know how to take an RV from ordinary to extraordinary. I can’t wait to put my expertise to use and show people how to make their RVs rock.”

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For more info on BRET MICHAELS, click on the links below!

facebook: Bret Michaels

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Travel Channel:

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2 Responses to “BRET MICHAELS – “Rock My RV” Series Debuts On Travel Channel, On May 26th!”

  1. Is this one of those reality TV shows that are popular in America?

    • Sure is! I’d rather watch reality TV than the traditional/fictional TV any day!

      Personally, I love the History Channel, Travel Channel, Discovery, Animal Planet and National Geographic channels. I like to actually ‘learn something’ from reality TV.

      With that said, there is a ton of reality television that I won’t watch. I’m not into the ‘celebrity wives’ sort of thing when it comes to reality shows. 😮

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