FAITHSEDGE – Release New Video Studio Report On Forthcoming Studio Album! Stone’s METAL Pick Of The Day!

Faithsedge - Large Logo! - 2012

FAITHSEDGE – The very talented (Rockaholic / Metal Buddy) Giancarlo Floridia (founding member, songwriter, guitarist, vocalist) of FAITHSEDGE has recently shared this cool video studio report with me. Therefore, it’s: Stone’s METAL Pick Of The Day! Metal be thy name.

Go “Back to Fabrizio’s” via the real Marty Mcfly house circa 2013 to the next FAITHSEDGE studio report!

Lead guitarist Alex De Rosso (Dokken), keysman Eric Ragno (Fergie Fredrickson) and singer Giancarlo Floridia take you behind the scenes for the new Faithsedge video at “OC Recording”. Also take a trip to Nashville, to drummer Tony Morra’s (Van Zant) studio “The Downtown Batterie” along with Tim Gaines’s (of Stryper) birthday party!

New FAITHSEDGE album coming this year!!!!

Watch the video below! Whoa!


Giancarlo Floridia press photo 2011

Giancarlo Floridia


FAITHSEDGE - Group promo photo - 2011 #2



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