INHALE THE FALL “Weak” Music Video Is Out! Stone’s METAL Pick Of The Day!

Inhale The Fall - promo band pic - band logo - 2013 - #1

INHALE THE FALL – Melodic Hard Rock and Melodic Metal fans get prepared. INHALE THE FALL have entered the Metal building. They’re new music video for their new song Weak is a totality of melodically heavy bliss. Both song and video = quality enriched. This Irish band should be on ALL Rock, Hard Rock and Metal aficionado’s radars… they have that much sumptuous crossover appeal!

Jenny O’ Keeffe on vocals may have some Lzzy Hale appeal to her tones; only this original gal comes across as a legitimate contender for Heavy Rock’s top 20 female vocalist list… in our Metal future. This is a very astute band and I’m ready for more! Read below for a more detailed background on INHALE THE FALL. Take a listen and look below to the Weak music video and crank ‘er up high! Metal be thy name.


While playing in various local bands Eibhlin Palfrey and Pavol Rosa decided to reach out and find a new sound. Inhale The Fall, the duo’s first major musical exploration emerges from the ashes and takes to the Cork (Ireland) music scene. The band’s video release, Weak, released June 2013, is an eclectic version of the Skunk Anansie track . Full of melodic arrangements with soaring vocals reminiscent of Halestorm and Guano Apes, this track will do Cork proud.



Jenny O’ Keeffe – Vocals

Pavol Rosa – Guitars

Eibhlin Palfrey – Bass

Branko Surmaj – Drums


Utilizing a Cork based production team Epic Productions, Inhale The Fall explodes on to the Cork music scene with  a hauntingly eerie music video that touches on disturbing issues that reflect people’s social lives today.

In an age of sludgy power chords, Inhale The Fall represents a needed breath of fresh air, where melody, lyrics, and song writing are just as important as loud guitars and a solid rhythm section.

Along with the newest video release, Inhale The Fall are determined to continue to take charge of that space in your head where the madness lives and Rock wants to thrive. The single Is available on iTunes along with other digital retailers, for more information on the forthcoming E.P. look up

Inhale The Fall - band promo pic - 2013 - #2

For more info on INHALE THE FALL, click on the link below!

Facebook: Inhale The Fall

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3 Responses to “INHALE THE FALL “Weak” Music Video Is Out! Stone’s METAL Pick Of The Day!”

  1. It had me from the first rumbling bass notes! Killer cover version! Wish I ‘d checked these guys out when i was in Ireland. I hear the Guano Apes influence in there…a band my daughter turned me onto. Did I ever play you my daughter’s old band’s stuff, Stone? If not I’ll send you a link to their vid.

    • Yes Kev, you did introduce me to you daughters old band’s video… and I really dug it! She still involved with any band(s)? 🙂

      Whoa! Guano Apes! I plumb never heard of ’em before this mention of yours! LOL! Now I’m gonna check out their stuff. 😉

      Yup, Kev, Inhale The Fall took me by total surprise on Sunday… a very cool surprise at that! I cannot help feeling this band has that ‘it factor’ happening. \m/\m/

      • She’s just finishing up her music degree this summer Stone, I know she’s written quite a bit of stuff since that band, but not sure what she’s got planned for the future.

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