BANGLADEAFY – Explosive Tech/Spazz NYC Duo To Release New EP

Bangladeafy - promo band pic - 2013 - #1

NYC-based duo BANGLADEAFY are prepared to release their new EP, a capsule of musical mayhem containing a burst of the most bewilderingly fun metallic fusion out there.

With rabid rolls and pummeling percussion fueled with nutbar fingertapping, cerebellum-convulsing time change-ups, sporadic keyboard-interloping and the vocalizations and a general disregard for rulebooks, off-the-chain twosome BANGLADEAFY fiercely perpetuates an original style of technical extreme music defying genre classifications and merging in a melee that’ll have jazz aficionados fighting prog critics while the tech metal fans bang their own faces off in their own anomalous sequences.

While dropping riffery and percussion that is jagged and technical yet at once cohesive and succinct, this duo bears more than just a whack style and catchy name. BANGLADEAFY basically breaks down the band to the core, fusing the Bangladeshi origins of blazing drummer Atif Haq with the actual physical impairment of bassist/pianist/vocalist Jon Ehlers, the multi-instrumentalist having been born with sensio-neural hearing loss, alongside his two sisters. Disability aside, the intensely technical and somehow still laid-back basslines this musical assassin drops will floor critics and fans alike paired with is cohort’s jacked-up percussive attack.


Following their self-released full-length This Is Your Brain On Bugs amidst other random recordings since their full-on inception in 2009, BANGLADEAFY has completed their newest display of jam-band-gone-homicidal musical intensity, now preparing it for disbursement as The Briefcase; a magnificent six-song EP that lays out more face-melting proficiency in under fifteen minutes than most so-called “tech” bands could ever visualize. The band will self-release the tracks through a direct cooperation with their cohorts at the oddball/prog-tech outlet Nefarious Industries on July 9th.

As more info on The Briefcase nears disclosure, BANGLADEAFY will hit the locals with a wave of live dates, playing shows in Jersey, Long Island and Brooklyn this week with Resolution 15, Torrential Downpour and headliners Car Bomb.

Stay tuned for full info on what’s in The Briefcase, new shows and much more on these zany BANGLADEAFY dudes in the coming days. For now sink into some live footage of the band engaging the public including a live portrayal of  Show Me The Gold and Dumpster Fire from the new EP and more RIGHT HERE.


BANGLADEAFY w/ Car Bomb, Resolution 15, Torrential Downpour:

6/21/2013 Dingbatz – Clifton, NJ [info]

6/22/2013 Katie’s – Smithtown, NY [info]

6/23/2013 Saint Vitus – Brooklyn, NY [info]


(Source: Earsplit PR)

For more info on BANGLADEAFY, click on the links below!


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