BLACK SABBATH “13” – Stone’s METAL Pick Of The Day! New Music Videos Streaming Online!

Black Sabbath - band promo pic - 13 - 2013 - #1

Photo Credit: Black Sabbath Facebook


13 Is Stone’s METAL Pick Of The Day… And…

Receives 4.5 Out Of 5 METAL FISTS!!

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In case you’ve just gotten back from a trip to Neptune or have been lost in the remote northern woods of Pennsylvania, the iconic Black Sabbath have NEW music videos streaming online! Both songs are taken from their NEW studio album 13. See the links below! Whoa!


This critically acclaimed album, 13, was released on June 11th, 2013 in the U.S. and is an incredible offering of Metal from the founders of our beloved genre. Black Sabbath may be minus the legendary Bill Ward for 13, still, I am overly impressed by the total Sabbathian package of darkness and old school Doom vibes that blanket my senses each time I listen to 13.

As for the production of 13, regardless of any slight fuzz looming about, (which I find old school anyways), the powerful vocals of Ozzy Osbourne coupled with the unparalleled Doom riffage from Tony Iommi transcends any flaws that “some” critics believe to exist. Geezer Butler shines once again as well, proving to me he truly is among the kings of Heavy Metal bassists of both past and present.

Brad Wilk - Black Sabbath - 2013 - promo pic - #13

Brad Wilk (Photo Credit: Black Sabbath Facebook)

I give Brad Wilk so much credit for accepting a challenge to fill the shoes of the legendary Bill Ward. A world-class drummer in his own right, Brad Wilk excels on 13! It’s damn right heroic of Brad’s ability to transform his musicianship to sound so amazingly Sabbath-like. (If any other drummers sat in for the 13 sessions, than I’m not aware of it and please excuse my not being informed).

How much input did Rick Rubin have in mixing and mastering 13 I do not know. I’ll say this much, Rick Rubin surpassed my expectations on 13; due to my anxious thoughts he would turn this album into an overly pasted-together and satin-polished Death Magnetic. 13 sounds much more organic than that, thank God.

Doom Metal was forged and pioneered by Black Sabbath. Stoner Metal spun-off from this iconic band’s Metal atmosphere of sound. 13 is a resounding reminder of just that. This is one Black Sabbath album I never thought would happen and it’s here. Go out and get it and be thankful we still have this band around to make our Metal world that much more prolific.

God isn’t dead; nor is Black Sabbath.

Metal be thy name.


Listen to and watch the music video for God Is Dead by clicking here:

Listen to and watch End Of The Beginning by clicking here:

Get the CD here:

Get the super deluxe box set by clicking here:


Black Sabbath - 13 - promo cover pic - 2013



Ozzy Osbourne – vocals & harmonica

Tony Iommi – guitars

Geezer Butler – bass

Brad Wilk – drums & percussion


For more info on BLACK SABBATH, click on the links below!

Facebook: Black Sabbath

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2 Responses to “BLACK SABBATH “13” – Stone’s METAL Pick Of The Day! New Music Videos Streaming Online!”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I wholeheartedly agree with your assessment of “13.” A tour deforce of mammoth proportions. I just read that it debuted as the #1 album in Britain too. It feels like 1970 all over again, except of course for this internet thing I am doing right now. Keep rockin!

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