SIOUX – S/T EP Is: Stone’s METAL Pick Of The Day!

Sioux - EP - promo cover pic

Above Artwork by: Matt Verges


SIOUX – From the fine city of Portland, Oregon comes a really, really cool Metal/Heavy Rock band that recently caught my Metal attention and their named SIOUX. This Metal trio have just released their S/T EP on May 10th, 2013. I have become so impressed with this band’s sound and songs on this EP that I hereby make this Metal declaration:


Stone’s METAL Pick Of The Day!

A (hopeful) majority of Sludge, Stoner, Doom and underground Metal fans will take an immediate liking to SIOUX and their muscular, badass heavy songs. There are 4 songs on their S/T EP and ALL 4 are legitimate listens that need to be heard and passed along throughout the Metal (world) community. Fans of Mastodon, WINO, Saint Vitus, Crowbar and Motörhead should all hear some influence within the song structures, vocals and musicianship of SIOUX.

Kirk Evans (vocals, guitar, bass) sounds like a giant atop the mountain peek, looking down upon his Metal followers who are chanting: SIOUX! SIOUX! SIOUX! In our grand Metal world there are those underground bands that turn up and kick your ass into Metal shape; SIOUX is one of those underground Metal bands. Get your ears into SIOUX and be glad you did; cause this band will serve you Metal right. Metal be thy name.

To hear and purchase the digital download of SIOUX S/T EP and other SIOUX merch, click on this link:

* SIOUX Recorded & Mixed by Fester at Haywire Studios and Mastered by Nate Abner at Sola Sounds Studios.

Sioux - band promo pic - 2013 - #1


Kirk Evans – Guitar/Bass/Vocals

Ryan McPhaill – Drums

Juan Carlos Caceres – Guitar


SIOUX S/T EP – Track Listing:




In Tongues


For more info on SIOUX, click on the links below!


Stone - Motorhead Tee  pic:small



3 Responses to “SIOUX – S/T EP Is: Stone’s METAL Pick Of The Day!”

  1. Just checked out ‘Bezoar’ – great riffage!

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