STRYPER – Autographed “Second Coming” Double Yellow Vinyl Is Available NOW!

Stryper - Second Coming - autographed - cover - promo - yellow vinyl


STRYPER – The greatest and most famous Christian Heavy Metal/Hard Rock band of our time has this Rockin’ gem available now: Second Coming – on double yellow vinylautographed!!

Second Coming is a collection of 16 STRYPER classics, including 2 NEW studio recordings: Bleeding From Inside Out and Blackened. The other 14 songs are re-recorded STRYPER songs that have been re-energized and given new hard-to-resist magic! Both new studio songs are overflowing with Heavy Rockin’ relevancy; a welcomed relevancy that showcases the everlasting musical prowess that is… STRYPER!

Take a look below at all the details for this whiz-bang STRYPER exclusive! Metal be thy name!


Released in the UK, STRYPER now has a limited number of these available in the online store.

* A double album set!

* 100% 180-gram vinyl!

* Yellow vinyl!

* Autographed by all four original band members!!

* Limited number available!

Side A

1. Loud N’ Clear

2. Loving You

3. Soldiers Under Command

4. Makes Me Wanna Sing

Side B

5. First Love

6. The Rock That Makes Me Roll

7. Reach Out

8. Surrender

Stryper - Second Coming - yellow vinyl - gatefold - promo pic

Side C

9. To Hell With The Devil

10. Calling On You

11. Free

12. The Way

Side D

13. Sing Along Song

14. More Than A Man

15. Bleeding From Inside Out (new)

16. Blackened (new)

Stryper - Group Promo pic - 2013 - #!


Michael Sweet – Lead Vocals & Guitar

Robert Sweet – Drums

Oz Fox – Guitar & Vocals

Timothy Gaines – Bass & Vocals


* For more info on STRYPER:

 Facebook: Stryper Music

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