Chip DiMonick – Reveals What Album He Cannot Live Without!

Chip DiMonick - promo profile pic - 2012

Chip DiMonick

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania ROCKS. This grand metropolis doesn’t just Rock due to their major league sports champions. Nope. Pittsburgh also Rocks cause it’s the home of Chip DiMonick. Blue-collar Hard Rock from a blue-collar city. Chip and his band have won many Rock ‘N Roll awards of their own, in the greater Pittsburgh area; while earning tidal waves of fans with their catchy original songs and DIY work ethic.

Recently, Chip DiMonick took the time to answer a question for Metal Odyssey. Thank you Chip! The question: What album (minus your own) could you not be able to live without? It can be from any genre of music and have as many words as you’d like too. Here’s what Chip had to say:


“The album I couldn’t live without is “The Strange Case Of…” by Halestorm.  This album is total quality from Track 1 through Track 15 (yes, I have the 15-track deluxe edition!). Very few albums in the history of rock have consistently good songs throughout.  There always seems to be a crappy song in there somewhere.  But not on “Strange Case Of!”

The album has so much diversity, from soft ballads to aggressive screamers. So, no matter what mood I’m in, I can find songs to match on this release. Finally, I’ll say that the songwriting is impeccable. The melodies, the riffs, the hooks…it’s just ALL THERE. I hope Halestorm can recreate the magic they conjured up with this album with their future efforts. If they can, rock fans like me will have lots of timeless music to indulge in for years – or decades – to come!”

Halestorm - The Strange Case Of… - promo cover pic!

HALESTORM – The Strange Case Of… 

(Released in April, 2012, via Atlantic Records)

Chip DiMonick - Band Promo Banner - 2013 - #1

Chip DiMonick – Lead vocals, guitar, keyboard

Carmen “CC” Capozzi – Drums, background vocals

Joe P. – Bass, background vocals

DJ Carothers – Lead guitar


Chip DiMonick is making some 100% kick-ass and memorable Rock ‘N Roll noize! Click on the links below to discover Chip DiMonick, if y’all haven’t already!

Facebook: Chip DiMonick (Band Page)

Chip Dimonick - The Sign Of A New Generation - promo cover!

CHIP DIMONICK “The Sign Of A New Generation” – Is Stone’s METAL Pick Of The Day!

The above link is for a post on Chip DiMonick, featured on Metal Odyssey on November 27, 2012.

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