AMON AMARTH “Deceiver Of The Gods” – Melodic Death Metal Kings Are Victors Once Again!

Amon Amarth - Deceiver Of The Gods - promo cover pic!

4.5 Out Of 5 METAL Fists!

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AMON AMARTH – The ninth studio album, Deceiver Of The Gods, from Sweden’s Melodic Death Metal Kings, AMON AMARTH, was released on June 25th of this year, via Metal Blade Records. Metal victory has once again been achieved for AMON AMARTH! Solid songs, musicianship, vocals and lyrics are only just the beginning, with Deceiver Of The Gods. AMON AMARTH have quite possibly released one of their finest Metal works of their storied career.

AMON AMARTH have a catalog of stellar albums that are (rather) difficult to leap-frog, when I think of making comparisons within their discography. AMON AMARTH are undisputed Metal legends, therefore Deceiver Of The Gods (just) has to be grand. Right? It is! This new AMON AMARTH album, Deceiver Of The Gods, rages along with Melodic Death Metal majesty and is a sonic blast of what this band is so legendary for!

Amon Amarth - promo band pic - #39 - 2013

Photo Credit: John McMurtrie

My favorite song on this album is Hel. Glory be to the Metal Gods, this song is impeccable! Hel has now become (quite honestly) my favorite AMON AMARTH song of all-time! Vocalist Johan Hegg and (former Candlemass) guest vocalist Messiah Marcolin compliment each other in eye-popping fashion; it’s Johan’s muscular growl meets Messiah’s falsetto.

The title track (and album opener) plus the closer Warriors Of The North are fist-pumping, headbanging and raise the horns to the sky epics! A well thought-out way of bookending the prime-rib delicacy of Metal that is Deceiver Of The Gods. Northern Mythology is once again embraced within the themes of this new AMON AMARTH album; with the Norse God, Loke, being the current example; however, this album is not devoted entirely on this legendary figure.

AMON AMARTH continuously raises their own bar of excellence and I couldn’t be more sincere and psyched about that. I highly recommend Deceiver Of The Gods to ALL my fellow Metal brethren and consider it as a bona-fide Top Ten contender for Metal Odyssey’s year-end Best Of 2013 list.

Amon Amarth - Deceiver Of The Gods - promo cover pic!

Deceiver Of The Gods – Track Listing:

Deceiver Of The Gods

As Loke Falls

Father Of The Wolf

Shape Shifter

Under Siege

Blood Eagle

We Shall Destroy


Coming Of The Tide

Warriors Of The North

AMON AMARTH - Large Classic Logo b&w

Vocals – Johan Hegg

Bass – Ted Lundström

Guitar – Johan Söderberg

Guitar – Olavi Mikkonen

Drums – Fredrik Andersson


* For More Info On AMON AMARTH:

Facebook: Amon Amarth

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  1. My fav band! Great post!

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