CLUELESS RULER – Heavy Rocker’s Debut S/T EP Releases August 29th

Clueless Ruler - promo cover pic!

CLUELESS RULER – This Heavy Rockin’ band calls Vancouver, Canada home and are seeing their debut, S/T EP release on August 29th. You can purchase the digital download of CLUELESS RULER and instantly receive a single download of Your Time Is Up. For 6 songs, the price is a mere $5. Not too shabby, by any Rockin’ standards!

I’ve already listened to Your Time Is Up and it’s a 100% worthy Hard Rock song; a song that truly has impressed me a great deal! I look forward to hearing much more from CLUELESS RULER and will most likely blab away about these up and coming Canadian Rockers in the future! Metal be thy name.

Pre-order CLUELESS RULER here:


Corey Newport – vocals

Martin Lynch – guitars & bass


(As taken from their Facebook About page):

If you like your rock with a jagged edge, you’ll love Clueless Ruler!

Founded in 2013 and based out of Vancouver, Canada, Clueless Ruler features twin guitar rhythms, driving beats, throbbing bass and gritty vocals which come together in compelling songs with an edge. Clueless Ruler’s debut EP explores themes of forgiveness, disenchantment, conformity and freedom.

Influenced and inspired by Alice In Chains, System of a Down, KiLLeR DWaRfS, Ozzy (particularly Randy Rhoads era), pre-Napster Metallica, Soundgarden, Guns n’ Roses, Nazareth, Staind and Judas Priest, Clueless Ruler carves out a sound all their own.

Rock is Back.
Get. F’n. Ready!

Clueless Ruler - promo banner - band logo - art - 2013

Recorded and mixed at the famous Warehouse Studios in Vancouver, Canada with help from Supreme Tracks in NYC (drums), the album was mixed by Bob Ludwig at Gateway Studios, Portland, Maine.


* For More Info On CLUELESS RULER:

Facebook: Clueless Ruler

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