PHANTOM 13 “Voices Of The Dead” (Official Music Video) Is: Stone’s METAL Pick Of The Day!

Phantom 13 - Out For Blood - 5 Phantom Thirteen Bucks

PHANTOM 13 – Columbus is the capital and largest city in the grand state of Ohio. Columbus is also home to PHANTOM 13. This Horror Punk band has a rabid following and rightfully so; for PHANTOM 13 delivers the Horror and Shock with quality written original songs to scare the hell out of you. No Shock Rock fan of Misfits, Danzig, Wednesday 13, Balzac or even Rob Zombie should ignore the frightening and contagious sound of PHANTOM 13.

Take a listen and look below to the official music video for PHANTOM 13’s Voices Of The Dead; the first single from their Out For Blood CD. Voices Of The Dead ROCKS, tears apart tranquility and tells of unspeakable truths of speaking to the dead. Beware… there’s nowhere to hide or run to… your time has run out, cause… 

Voices Of The Dead Is Stone’s METAL Pick Of The Day! Metal be thy name!

 Phantom 13 - logo - 2013 - #66


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Facebook: Phantom 13

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