PINNICK GALES PRIDGEN “Collateral Damage” Music Video: Is Stone’s METAL Pick Of The Day!

Pinnick Gales Pridgen - promo cover pic - 2013

PINNICK GALES PRIDGEN – Rock warriors are not made. Rock warriors are born. PINNICK GALES PRIDGEN together are nothing short of legendary, to my Rockin’ soaked and Metal weathered ears! All three of these Rock gentlemen were born to make amazing noize with their music! This is a fantabulous Power Trio Supergroup!

Tell all you see today: PINNICK GALES PRIDGEN are here to stay! Yes, there’s no micro-doubt that these three Hard Rockin’ and dynamic musicians have made a whiz-bang impact on me with their debut and S/T album! I’m loving this album of 13 (high quality) songs and whoa!!

PINNICK GALES PRIDGEN – Collateral Damage Music Video: Is Stone’s Metal Pick Of The Day!

Talk about crossing over numerous Rock genres! Classic Rock, Hard Rock, Blues Rock and even 80’s Melodic Arena Rock fans will be jumping out of their skin, once they all catch the Rockin’ contagious vibes that PINNICK GALES PRIDGEN are dishing out on their debut release! Heck, it don’t matter what Rock genre you’re into, this Power Trio kicks meaningful ass! I’ll write more about this album in days to come; oh, yes I shall.

I didn’t know that Rock ‘N Roll could be played like this anymore, with so much sincerity and soul; PINNICK GALES PRIDGEN has re-ignited my Rock ‘N Roll soul… just when I needed it most! I’m absolutely not kidding around. Unreal band.

Below, take a listen and look at the music video for Collateral Damage… crank it up LOUD and y’all can thank Stone repeatedly later! Metal be thy name!

Pinnick Gales Pridgen - promo pic - #1 - 2013

dUg Pinnick – Bass and Vocals (King’s X)

Eric Gales – Guitar and Vocals (Eric Gales Band, Lauryn Hill)

Thomas Pridgen – Drums (ex Mars Volta)


* Band photo credit: Magna Carta Records

* Album produced by Mike Varney.

* PINNICK GALES PRIDGEN was released on February 12th, 2013, via Magna Carta Records.


Facebook: Pinnick Gales Pridgen…

Magna Carta Records - logo - promo - 2013


Facebook: Magna Carta Records

Stone - Motorhead Tee  pic:small




3 Responses to “PINNICK GALES PRIDGEN “Collateral Damage” Music Video: Is Stone’s METAL Pick Of The Day!”

  1. Multiple Woahs! I’ve always loved Pinnick’s work with King’s X, and gale is a helluva guitarist. I’m in metal heaven dude! I LOVE power trio’s, it’s my favourite line-up, and right now is a great time for them – we had Glenn Hughes, Chad Smith and Steve Vai recording the most awesome version of Highway Star, then the amazing Winery Dogs album, with Sheehan, Kotzen and Portnoy excelling…and now this! It’s like the days when Cream, Budgie and Rush burst onto the scene! \m/

    • Right on, Kev! You said a bullseye about power trios! I am in a whirlwind right now, when it comes to all the quality material from quality bands in 2013… and the past few years for that matter! Let’s throw ZZ Top into that classic (power trio) kettle too!

      (I smiled like a big ol’ Metal pumpkin, from your “I’m in Metal heaven” quote… that’s what it’s all about, huh Kev?!) When Kev is happy… Stone is happy! LOL!!!

      All you’ve mentioned have reminded the Rock world that you must have essence, soul, integrity and talent all wrapped up into one! BTW… I 100% include the resurgence of Witch Cross when it comes to what I’m saying as well! 🙂 \m/\m/

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