MAGNUM “Escape From The Shadow Garden” – Album Artwork Revealed; Releases March 2014 Via Steamhammer / SPV

Magnum - Escape From the Shadow Garden - promo cover pic

MAGNUM – Hugely influential British Melodic Hard Rock group MAGNUM have confirmed the release in 2014 of their upcoming nineteenth studio album, ‘Escape From The Shadow Garden’ on Steamhammer / SPV on March 19th in Scandinavia, March 21st in Germany, March 24th in Europe and March 25th in the US/Canada.

‘Escape From The Shadow Garden’ will be available as a limited digipak edition with bonus material, as a double coloured vinyl LP, standard jewel case CD and download.

The cover is once again created by famous fantasy artist Rodney Matthews (Asia, Nazareth, Eloy).

‘Escape From The Shadow Garden’ follows the success of ‘On The 13th Day’, which charted at #28 in Germany, #36 in Sweden, #43 in the UK national album charts, #57 in Switzerland, and at #3 in the UK rock charts and #5 in the UK Indie Charts at the beginning of October 2012.

Three weeks after the release of ‘Escape From The Shadow Garden’MAGNUM set off on an European Tour.



Tony Clarkin – guitars

Bob Catley – vocals

Mark Stanway – keyboards

Al Barrow – bass

Harry James – drums


Magnum - Escape From The Shadow Garden - promo album banner - 2013

(Source: MAGNUM Facebook)

* For More Info On MAGNUM:

Facebook: MAGNUM

SPV - Steamhammer - Large Logo - 2013

Stone - Motorhead Tee  pic:small



5 Responses to “MAGNUM “Escape From The Shadow Garden” – Album Artwork Revealed; Releases March 2014 Via Steamhammer / SPV”

  1. Always good to see a new Rodney Matthews artwork , he’s been one of my favourite cover artists since my teens. I remember buying Magnums debut LP when it came out, about 78 I think…(Kingdom of Madness) and although it didn’t have Rodney’s artwork, the walls of my apartment were covered with posters of his work!

    • Yes, Rodney Matthews is a very special (aw, heck… legendary) artist for certain! Honestly, the Nazareth “No Mean City” album artwork has always put me in a trance; that was Heavy Metal album art before there ever was Derek Riggs’ famous Iron Maiden album covers!

      Kev, can I guess the other posters that hung in your apartment back in ’78? Okay, here I go: Deep Purple, Glenn Hughes, Thin Lizzy, Phil Lynott, T. Rex and this is a “quality guess”… Farrah Fawcett. 🙂 \m/\m/

      • Pretty close there Stone! Lizzy and Lynott of course, plus Queen, their first three albums were excellent, and I was big fan in their early days. Budgie artwork was up there too…Purple,natch ! Farrah, haha! Yeah, but vying for wall space with Goldie Hawn! \m/

  2. Would it be wrong to have wanted Kate Jackson more though? #guiltysecret

    • NO guilty secret! The secret is out, Kev!! You’re not guilty, bro!!

      LOL!! LOL!! Kev! Man… I was hot for Kate Jackson back then too!! From 7th grade thru high school!! “Something about Kate” 🙂 Here in the U.S., we had “Charlie’s Angels” trading cards back then! I think I might still have a few stashed away somewhere too! LOL!! 😮 OMG…

      Goldie Hawn!! LUCKY Kurt Russell. 😉 Whoa.

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