Wanna See My JESSE JAMES DUPREE Autographed “Foot Fetish” CD? It’s Really Cool…

Jesse James Dupree - front cover

JESSE JAMES DUPREE – That’s it above! That’s my Jesse James Dupree Foot Fetish autographed CD! His autograph is the one in the middle, with red sharpie ink. Isn’t it really cool or what? Back in 2000, the legendary Jesse James Dupree (of Jackyl fame & Full Throttle Saloon reality series) saw his first solo album released with Foot Fetish. To the best of my Metal knowledge, the other (solo) album from Jesse James Dupree is: Jesse James Dupree & Dixie Inc – Rev It Up And Go-Go (from 2008).

I luckily discovered and purchased this really cool CD back in the early Spring of this year, at a kick ass (used CD, game/movie video) store called Buyback$ Entertainment. Buyback$ is located in 10 different states, with Ohio being one of them. Lucky Stone!! My nearest Buyback$ is located in Miamisburg, Ohio. There are many of these stores scattered about Ohio too.

Buyback$ Entertainment - logo - 2013

What did you pay for this really cool autographed Jesse James Dupree CD, Stone? Try… $10 (U.S.). $10!!! That’s a Metal steal of a deal! Hooray for Stone! Metal be thy name!

I remember semi-skipping to my car after I left Buyback$ with this CD gem in hand! Heck, the dude that cashed me out looked at the autographed liner notes, then looked at me straight in the face and said: “you know, the CD liner notes cover is autographed by Jesse James Dupree and the band?” I replied, with a touch of Metal victory in my voice: “yes, I know, dude.” The Buyback$ dude and I then carried on about how much we both really dig Jackyl and Jesse James Dupree. Good times at the Buyback$ checkout for sure.

Jesse James Dupree - back cover

Here’s what the back cover of Foot Fetish looks like! I guess y’all can read the (sideways) track listing on it!

Now, I do believe that this Jesse James Dupree autograph is the real deal. Why the hell would someone want to forge it? I also checked several other Jesse James Dupree autographs that are online and to my Metal eyes it’s a… match! I am believing that the other 2 autographs on this CD are the band’s guitarist John Hayes and bassist Roman Glick. Hot damn! As Kool And The Gang would sing: “Get Down Tonight!”

As for how much this Foot Fetish CD Rocks, well, it sure as hell… ROCKS! Trust my Metal judgement! Jesse James Dupree is in fine form on his solo debut here! In all honesty, this CD isn’t gonna give you the thunder-slap-to-the-face Hard Rock that Jackyl does, however, any Jackyl fan should dig the living crap out of Foot Fetish. Hell and yeah.

Y’all never know what you’re gonna find, when y’all go out hunting for Rock ‘N Roll and Metal treasures! Whoa. Thank you for reading about my really cool Jesse James Dupree Autographed CD! Now… get out there hunting and uncover a Rock ‘N Roll and/or Metal gem too! Metal be thy name.

Jesse James Dupree - Foot Fetish - promo cover pic




Website: http://www.jackyl.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/jackyljesse

Buyback$ Entertainment:

Website: http://www.yourbuybacks.com

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2 Responses to “Wanna See My JESSE JAMES DUPREE Autographed “Foot Fetish” CD? It’s Really Cool…”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I have this cd that I bought used at a CD Trade Post in Wicita,Ks it is autographed on the the back of the liner notes where the bands pic is. I never checked to see if it was the real deal. It matches yours. There are only two signatures though with a date of 2001. Jessie`s signature is across his pic with the date and the other signature is like the one in the top left corner of your cd. It is to the left and under Jessie`s signature on mine.I have had this cd for years and never realized it was autographed,just thought it was the previous owners name written on it.

    • Very cool! If it matches well with my signatures then it has to be authentic! Who would want to forge these guys signatures? You know?

      Your CD must have been autographed after a show they did… many times it’s hard to track down every band member for autographs, thus that is what must have happened with the prior owner of this CD… he/she could only find Jesse and another band member. It’s happened to me after shows… I’ll land one autograph and at times the whole band. I’m happy my post alerted you to your CD being autographed!! Cheerz! 👊🏻🎵

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