SPIDER ROCKETS “Going Down” – Used As An Entrance Song For WWE NXT’s CHARLOTTE FLAIR

Spider Rockets - Band Promo Pic - #42 - 2013


New Jersey’s Hard Rockers 


WWE NXT’s Charlotte Flair has used Spider Rocket’s (Heavy Rockin’ song) “GOING DOWN” as her entrance music when she makes her way to the ring. See video below.

She may not fly jets or ride limousines, but Charlotte — daughter of 16-time World Champion Ric Flair — may be destined for greatness. A latecomer to the industry her father helped revolutionize, Charlotte has kickstarted her entrance into her father’s profession and made a name for herself in NXT in very short order.

Displaying a level of athleticism that few divas in history can match, Charlotte has captured the attention of the NXT Universe in short order. What the future holds for Charlotte is anyone’s guess, but if history is any indicator, it will include nothing but the highest accolades and respect. The world will know her name soon enough.

Spider Rockets - Bitten - promo cover pic!

Going Down is from the critically acclaimed Spider Rockets studio album from 2012: Bitten.


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* For more info on SPIDER ROCKETS:

Facebook: Spider Rockets

Website: http://www.spiderrockets.com

Twitter: http://twitter.com/spiderrockets

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