NAZARETH – Band Update For 2015

Nazareth - promo band banner pic - #2014PA

As written by Pete Agnew (Nazareth bassist and co-founding member) and posted as A Christmas Message on

It’s been a funny kinda year. When we started out in January we weren’t sure if we would be continuing as a band but after playing some rehearsals with Linton —– well you all know what happened.

Because it took some time to put things back together, we didn’t start booking shows until later in the year than we normally do so it ended up with us touring a lot less than previous years.

This won’t be the case in 2015. We still managed to see quite a few of you and were delighted with the reception you gave us. It was always going to be difficult introducing a new singer but we were pleasantly surprised with the reaction to our new guy. He was very, very happy too; as you can imagine he was more than a little nervous taking over the middle mic from Dan.

Anyway, just as we were having a really good time and things were coming together beautifully onstage, Linton contracted a throat virus and we had to end up pulling the second half of our tour. Like I said ‘it’s been a funny kinda year’ and we won’t be sorry to see it end. However, the prospects for next year are looking good and we’re hoping to have a hammering ‘healthy’ start with the UK dates in January.

I’d like to thank you all for the encouragement and good vibes you gave us throughout what was a very trying and important year. With all the ups and downs it was comforting to know you were behind us and we will never forget that. Everyone close to us who works personally with us and makes things happen in any number of different ways have been outstanding this year. We could never thank you enough.

It only remains for me now to wish you all, on behalf of Jimmy, Lee, Linton and myself, a very happy Christmas and peaceful New Year.


Nazareth - Rock 'N' Roll Telephone - promo album cover pic - #2014PA

Above: cover for Nazareth’s latest album release: Rock ‘N’ Roll Telephone. Release date in USA: June 17th, 2014.



Linton Osborne -Vocals
Pete Agnew – Bass
Jimmy Murrison – Guitar
Lee Agnew – Drums





One Response to “NAZARETH – Band Update For 2015”

  1. Wow, didn’t know these guys were still on the go. If they come local, I am going to have to rectify the fact that I have never seen them live.

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