PINK VELVET KRUSH “F.S.O.A.” – A Metal Odyssey Album Review

Pink Velvet Krush - fsoa - promo cover pic - 2014 - #0412

5 Out Of 5 METAL Fists! Whoa!


Supergroup Pink Velvet Krush originate from Long Island, New York and they released a marvelous EP of five songs in the latter part of 2014, via HighVolMusic. If this EP from Pink Velvet Krush, F.S.O.A., is an indication of what’s to come from them, then I am holding my spot as first in line! Everything about this EP is BIG sonically and makes me feel freaking amazingly great!

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I cannot help hearing the passion that Pink Velvet Krush has towards their own music and the Rock ‘N’ Roll legends that have influenced them. This band is so grand to listen to on this E.P. that it’s downright stunning. Make no mistake, Pink Velvet Krush are an original group and are/would be an asset to any open-air festival of Hard Rock and/or Metal. Pink Velvet Krush ROCK so damn fine that Mötley Crüe, Judas Priest, Def Leppard and KISS should be knocking down PVK’s door to be their opening band. I’m not talking shit here, I put my Metal reputation on it. All five songs on F.S.O.A. rain down with that glorious 80’s Arena vibe and chills. I love that. I NEED to see this band live!

Pink Velvet Krush - band promo photo - 2015 - #33PVKHVMMO03

If you take the classic Hard Rock atmosphere (aka) 80’s Arena Rock, Bon Jovi’s New Jersey album with Salty Dog and mix it all together, you get… Pink Velvet Krush. Maybe I’m getting too nostalgic or something, still, Pink Velvet Krush come packaged with enough relevancy and talent to challenge many current and well-known Hard Rock bands on the scene today. Metal be thy name. – Stone

PINK VELVET KRUSH includes former Gene Loves Jezebel drummer Joe Larsen, former Steelheart/Britny Fox guitarist Greg Polcari, former Dust and Bones guitarist Sean Quidgeon, former Vaudeville vocalist Doug ‘Savage’ Ramey, and former Sacred Edge bassist Shane West.

F.S.O.A. – Track List: 1. Nothin’ To Lose, 2. Take My Life, 3. F.S.O.A. (Fifty Shades Of Anything), 4. These Chains, 5. Obsession


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Facebook: Pink Velvet Krush

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2 Responses to “PINK VELVET KRUSH “F.S.O.A.” – A Metal Odyssey Album Review”

  1. Shane West Says:

    Thank you for the write up my friend. You rock! PVK appreciates it. If you want an updated picture of all five of us, send me an email to I will gladly send you one with me and Joe in it. Again, thank you so much and the music industry needs people like you!

  2. And your review is exactly why we at HighVolMusic llc. have them on our roster !!! Long Live PINK VELVET KRUSH !!!

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