CUT UP – Death Metal Supergroup Releasing Debut Studio Album Via Metal Blade Records

Cut Up - promo band pic - #0415CUMBMO0031

Cut Up - band logo - #2015MBMOCU8808

As reported by Metal Blade Records:

Everyone please welcome Cut Up to the Metal Blade roster! The band features Tobias Gustafsson and Erik Rundqvist of Vomitory fame, as well as Ander Bertilsson from Coldworker, and Andreas Björnson from Fetus Stench.

Fans can expect a violent, catchy, groovy album of pure Swedish death metal this summer!

Drummer Tobias Gustafsson comments: “I am very happy, proud, honoured and excited to team up with Metal Blade Records once again, this time with CUT UP! Can’t stay away from playing death metal, obviously, so it feels fantastic to have this murderous ensemble together so soon after putting Vomitory into eternal sleep. Cut Up is not just “another project”, but all four members’ new main band. We have made a debut album that we are tremendously satisfied with, both material and production-wise. We can’t wait to let you hear it! Cut Up aim to hit the stages as soon as the album is released, so we hope to see you all in the front row and in the pit!”







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