Stone Says: WTF? To 10 Heavy Metal / Hard Rock Facts

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I love and live for Heavy Metal and Hard Rock. However, there are those factual incidents during the history of my beloved Heavy Music genres that make me say… WTF? Below is a list of 10 factual situations that maybe will have you saying WTF? Maybe not. Nevertheless, in no particular order, this list seems to taunt me and I am fed up with them all. Enjoy:

01. Why is Guns ‘N Roses in The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame? WTF?

02. Why did Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons hand over, on a silver platter, the characters of “Space Ace” and “The Cat” to Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer, respectively? WTF?

03. Why are IRON MAIDEN not in The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame? WTF?

04. Why is Vince Neil gonna appear on the reality trash show: Celebrity Wife Swap? WTF?

05. Why did Judas Priest feel it was a grand idea to perform on American Idol, back on March 1st, 2011? WTF? Not to mention, performing with James Durbin? WTF again??

06. Why are Metallica ONLY following 26 people on Twitter, when 2.79 million people follow them on the same social network? WTF? WTF again?

07. What the F*CK is “Baby Metal”? WTF?

08. What was (former) AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd thinking? WTF?

09. Why hasn’t Poison released a new studio album of original songs in over 15 years? WTF?

10. Why are there people in the media and fans that keep sparking rumors about a PANTERA reunion with Zakk Wylde on guitar? NO guitarist can replace the late and legendary Dimebag Darrell in PANTERA. NO one. Let’s cut the shit already and grow the F*CK up. You know who you are. WTF?


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6 Responses to “Stone Says: WTF? To 10 Heavy Metal / Hard Rock Facts”

  1. > Why is Guns ‘N Roses in The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame?

    Don’t you like G’nR?

    >What the F*CK is “Baby Metal”?

    Though they’re Japanese, they’ve become more popular in “the West” than they are here in Japan!

    • GNR, in my opinion, only released one album of significance and it’s “Appetite For Destruction”… after that it was the beginning of the end for that band. Plus, I factor in that GNR were inducted and not Deep Purple, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, The Moody Blues or even the Doobie Brothers. Just doesn’t make any sense to me.

      With “Baby Metal”, I cannot understand why the word “Metal” is even used. Why not “Baby Pop”? I see this Baby Metal as a complete pop culture fad. Again, it’s only my opinion. I don’t even see any Baby Metal on the record charts here in the USA, which includes Billboard.

      You ROCK, my Tokyo5 Metal Buddy \m/\m/

  2. Well said on all points, Stone!

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