FAITH NO MORE “Sol Invictus” – Available Now!

Faith No More - Sol Invictus - Available Now - promo flyer - #052015MOFNM


* For more info on FAITH NO MORE:





8 Responses to “FAITH NO MORE “Sol Invictus” – Available Now!”

  1. Unfortunately my copy will be late. The Japanese version has a bonus track. But it’s coming, I bought it…

    • NICE!! You are smart to get the version that will be worth more $ too. Them Japanese bonus tracks drive me crazy! How come Japan always gets them? Lucky Japan. LOL! \m/

      • I actually can answer that! It’s because (for whatever reason) Japanese CDs are more expensive in Japan than cheaper US imports. So to get consumers to buy their own domestic CDs instead of the cheaper US version, they throw in bonus tracks and DVDs and other things.

        I collect them, I’m not sure how many Japanese CDs with bonus tracks I have. Maybe about 200. But there are always more!

        • Very NICE! That sounds like an amazing collection of Japanese imports! Crazy as it sounds, after all these years, I do not own 1 Japanese import CD or vinyl. Whoa! I have always gotten ‘sticker shock’ of the prices… now I am inspired to start collecting a few from my ‘core’ bands. Heck, we only live once! LOL!! \m/\m/

          • That’s right you only live once! And if you can find a Japanese import used somewhere even better! I have walked into stores and bought them at normal price because they didn’t know what they had!

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