German Epic Melodic Death Metal Virtuoso NOTHGARD Announce New Bass Player: Nico Kolja!

Nico Kolja - Nothgard - promo pic - 052215NMO

Above: new NOTHGARD bass player Nico Kolja

German Epic Melodic Death Metal virtuoso NOTHGARD announce a new bass player: Nico Kolja!

The band says about: almost 4 weeks ago our dear friend Vik S. has left the band due to unforeseen circumstances and private issues. However, Vik will remain within our Band-Family of course. Further more he will support the band with taking care of the homepage and more. On the other hand we are very happy to present you the first pic of the new musician behind the bass.

Again we say thank you to Vik for all the past years and dearly welcome Nico. For more impressions check out the Video by clicking the link below:

NOTHGARD – LINE-UP may 2015:

Vocals, Lead Guitar, Studio Keyboard: Dom R. Crey
Bass, Backing Vocals: Nico Kolja
Rhythm, 2nd Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals: Daniel K.
Rhythm Guitar: Skaahl
Drums: D. Ziegler



MetalMessage - Logo with skull - 2014

For more NOTHGARD info:







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