PSYCHOMANCER “Inject The Worms” – A Metal Odyssey Album Review

Psychomancer - Inject The Worms - promo album cover pic - 2015 - #05PMODM

4 Out Of 5 METAL Fists!


PSYCHOMANCER have released their new studio album, Inject The Worms, back on April 7th, 2015, via Orchestrated Misery Recordings. Proving that the Midwest is and (hopefully) forever will be a nurturing habitat for underground Death Metal, Psychomancer have unleashed 6 songs of terror that I have embraced, within my Metal world, like a long-lost and cuddly goat. I don’t know where my dependency to Death Metal came from; perhaps it is due to my lifetime infatuation with monsters Or maybe due to my 8 years of Parochial schooling back during the 70’s? All the same, I am a content fan of Death Metal, due to the overwhelming choices of bands and albums that are out in the world today.

Inject The Worms is my first introduction to Psychomancer; this band originally formed around 1998. What always catches my eye first, when shopping around for Death Metal are the album cover’s artwork. The more grotesque the Death Metal cover art doesn’t always equate to the best music heard within, in my Metal opinion. The cover art for Inject The Worms (see above) is both old-school and morbidly fun for my taste; it’s not insanely gut spilling nor repulsive. The less is more mantra for cover art kicks right in here, folks. Thus, I really dig this album cover art.

Psychomancer - promo band pic - 2015 - #0524MOPDM

The 2015 band lineup for Psychomancer are: founding member Duston Bullard on bass and vocal duties, with new members Corey Blackstad on drums and guitarist Curt Hutchison on rhythm and lead guitars. Every delicious sonic nuance in which die-hard Death Metal fans look for is readily heard on Inject The Worms. Quaking bass, blast beats, earth shattering double bass and sadistic growling vocals; with plenty of psycho speed-driven guitar and rhythmic magic. Doom infested riffing and sludgy bass chugging is featured on this album as well. The acoustic guitar intro and haunting chants on Abhorrent Wings Of Decay are both a surprise and successful musical elements; too often Death Metal bands can become too predictable. I love it when a Death Metal band can add that something extra to an album.

I honestly believe every fan of Six Feet Under, Obituary, Suffocation and Cannibal Corpse will be licking their chops while listening to this Psychomancer album. Hell, I sure did. What does licking your chops mean anyways? Onward we go. There are melodic Death Metal moments to hear on this album too, with the intro to the title track being a very good candidate to point out. Inject The Worms has proven to be a winner for my Death Metal tastes and it’s all about these 6 songs not sounding alike. I can not say enough about the hell-raising vocals of Duston Bullard and with the overall musicianship from Psychomancer. Inject The Worms is an album I very highly recommend to all my Death Metal brethren. Metal be thy name. – Stone

Inject The Worms – Track Listing:

01 – In Shackles Insane

02 – Just Another Victim

03 – Inject The Worms

04 – Bastards Burn

05 – Abhorrent Wings Of Decay

06 – Chant Of The War Demons


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