MURASHITA – Recording Studio Update For Debut EP; “Retribution” Lyric Video Streaming Now!

Murashita - logo - 2014 - Masaki Murashita

Below is a quick studio update about MURASHITA’s forthcoming debut EP. Take a listen to Masaki Murashita, my fellow Metal brethren:

Crank up below, MURASHITA – Retribution (OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO) and show your eardrums NO Metal mercy! This song kicks supreme METAL ass! METAL Be Thy Name!!

Retribution features Masaki Murashita on guitar and vocals, bassist Kelly Conlon (DEATH, MONSTROSITY, VITAL REMAINS), drummer Kevin Talley (SUFFOCATION, SIX FEET UNDER, CHIMAIRA) and was Mixed by Ryan Greene (Megadeth, NOFX).

Lyrics/Music by Masaki Murashita

Below: Support MURASHITA and purchase Retribution! 

Murashita - Retribution - single cover artwork - 2015 - January

About Masaki Murashita:

Masaki Murashita first showed his scorching riffs and powerful songwriting, along with his blistering and aggressive vocal style with the critically acclaimed modern thrash band Hemoptysis.

Combining elements of melody, thrash and modern extreme metal, Masaki molded his own razor-sharp brand of metal that has left audiences and critics alike awestruck and demanding more.

Not content to rest on his already impressive work with Hemoptysis, Masaki is in the process of writing and producing his first solo album. He is pushing his songwriting, musicianship and incendiary metal style to a new level.

Masaki will be joined in his new project with several other well-respected musicians in the metal scene, proving that he can stand with the best metal players in the industry and hold his own with his unique brand of sonic aggression.

Masaki’s Endorsements: ESP Guitars, Engl Amps, EMG Pickups, Providence cables, straps and effects, Morley pedals, ISP Technologies, Voodoo Lab, InTune Guitar Picks and SIT Strings.


Masaki Murashita bio courtesy of Masaki Murashita Facebook.

* More MURASHITA Info:






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