Wanna See My DIO “Anthology” CD? It’s Really Cool…

DIO - Anthology - CD front cover - Metal Odyssey - 2015

That’s it above, my DIO Anthology CD! How cool is that? This CD was part of a bundle of used CD’s that I bought for $12 (U.S.), a few months ago. It was a good deal! I was quite happy to finally find this DIO CD, at a local pop culture store I frequent. It doesn’t matter if I already have every song on this Anthology CD; collecting any DIO CD is my Metal goal!

There are 14 songs on Anthology and I commend the person(s) that selected them for this issue; however, I would have selected Rock ‘n’ Roll Children in place of Shoot Shoot. Hungry For Heaven is another DIO classic that is missing on Anthology; still this is a grand compilation of DIO songs.

It’s always difficult choosing my favorite DIO song of all-time. I always go with Holy DiverRainbow In The Dark, The Last In Line and Time To Burn being my core picks. Then again, this is Ronnie James Dio and his songs rule! Forgive me for being bias, I cannot control myself. As I see it, there will never be such powerful Metal songs written like this ever again. Ronnie James Dio and the gifted musicians he had surrounded himself with came together to create timeless Metal magic, in my Metal opinion.

DIO - Anthology - back cover - Metal Odyssey - 2015

Above: back cover of Anthology CD

DIO Anthology was released back in 1997, via (The) Connoisseur Collection. If you don’t own any DIO CDs, pick up Anthology for this is as good as it gets! This CD sells online in used condition for under $5 (U.S.), just about everywhere I’ve looked. Metal Be Thy Name! – Stone

DIO Anthology – Track List:

  1. Holy Driver
  2. Rainbow In The Dark
  3. Stand Up And Shout
  4. Straight Through the Heart
  5. Last In Line
  6. One Night In The City
  7. We Rock
  8. Egypt (The Chains Are On)
  9. Shoot Shoot
  10. Time To Burn
  11. All The Fools Sailed Away
  12. I Could Have Been A Dreamer
  13. Sunset Superman
  14. Shame On The Night






8 Responses to “Wanna See My DIO “Anthology” CD? It’s Really Cool…”

  1. Connoisseur Collection! That’s a blast from the past. Loved that label.

    • Is it a compilation label only? I never heard of this label until I picked up this DIO CD. Then again, it’s an import for us dudes here in The States. Have a grand week, Metal Buddy! \m/

      • They’re defunct now. I think. They did compilations and mostly live albums. Most of the stuff was all Deep Purple related as far as I remember. I’ve got Purple live at Knebworth, a Rainbow one and some amazing Gillan stuff. All great CDs! Hope you have a grand week too dude! \m/

        • Thanks! Yeah, that label sounds like what Eagle Entertainment / Ear Music is doing today… they seem to release a new ‘live’ Deep Purple CD at least once or twice a month! LOL! \m/\m/

  2. I agree with you about Rock and Roll Children and Hungry for Heaven. Me, I would have swapped Shame on the Night for Don’t Talk to Strangers. I mean how could that song not be on it?

    • Yes, good one! That would be a swap I’d agree to. Wanna know something weird? I’ve had ‘Shame on the Night’ stuck in my head for a couple of days now! How messed up is that? LOL!! You ROCK \m/\m/

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