CROSSPLANE “Masturboned” – A Metal Odyssey Album Review


4 Out Of 5 METAL Fists!


I never knew about Crossplane until their new studio album, Masturboned, sunk its heavy Rock ‘n’ Roll into my melon sized skull. Crossplane consists of band members: Celli on vocals and guitar, Alex on guitar, Matthias on drums and Schluppi banging out the bass guitar. Crossplane are from Germany and have very cool musical ties to Tom Angelripper of Sodom fame, via vocalist/guitarist Celli. Each time I listen to this Masturboned album, it hasn’t failed to get me into a happy and who gives a shit groove. Now, that’s a big plus anytime of the day or god forsaken night.

Immediately, the Motörhead influence smacked me in the face like a six-pack of cranium busting bliss; or is that blitz? Vocalist Celli has Lemmy’s vocals down to a science and musically Crossplane could easily be anointed as the greatest Motörhead cover band on planet Earth and beyond. Regardless, Crossplane has compiled original material for Masturboned and they honestly kick immense ass. Crossplane does venture into their own hard-hitting ways with Sweet Little Rockabella and Magical Queen.

Crossplane - promo band pic - 2015 - #223381CMO

To put Crossplane into a time machine which sends them back to the 70’s, these dudes would be an enormous draw at the legendary CBGB’s in New York City’s East Village; in my Metal opinion, that’s what I believe. Hell, I gather they’re a dynamite draw where they play today as well. All that nonsense aside, Crossplane has both a retro and relevant musical vibe about them. By the way, track #14 is called Time Machine and it’s a damn solid and memorable song too.

Along with Motörhead fans, Crossplane should impress Orange Goblin fans too, with their mixture of Punk and Roll meets heavy as shit, dirty, back alley, biker club Rock ‘n’ Roll. Masturboned is one of those albums that is difficult to fast-forward through; picking one favorite song is tough for me, yet here it is: The Battle In Me. At the end of the stinking day, Crossplane serves up 16 songs that makes Masturboned an album to party to, cruise to, lift weights to, eat pizza to, escape from jail to, run a marathon to, have rough sex or safe sex to, as well as being an album to smash some shit apart to. Metal Be Thy Name. – Stone


* For more info on CROSSPLANE:

Facebook: Crossplane






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