IRON MAIDEN “Speed Of Light” CD Single And T-Shirt Box Set Releases Only At Best Buy, This Friday!

Iron Maiden - Speed Of Light - T Shirt - Box Set - promo image - 2015 - MMSAGNSOP333

An exclusive ‘Speed Of Light’ CD single + T-shirt box will be available only at Best Buy starting Friday!

Metal Be Thy Name!!!

Iron Maiden - The Book Of Souls - promo album banner pic - 2015 - #336MMGSSFF24


For more info on IRON MAIDEN:






12 Responses to “IRON MAIDEN “Speed Of Light” CD Single And T-Shirt Box Set Releases Only At Best Buy, This Friday!”

  1. If I know Best Buy, this won’t be in Canada.

    Is it a one track single?

    • I cannot confirm it it’s 1 track or more… I will update if I find out more info, that’s for certain! That would suck if Canada’s Best Buy doesn’t carry it! WTF if they don’t!?

      One thing is for sure, I will be waiting at my local Best Buy door for when they open on Friday morning… let’s see if I score!?

      • I’m gonna check mine on my lunch break Friday. We have two stores in town and if one doesn’t have it I’ll try the other!

        • Right on, Mike! Man, I am rooting for you to get one!

          I’ve seen these type of box sets release before and my local Best Buy never stocks more than a few… pisses me off when it’s a band that I like. For crap sakes, I would hope Best Buy is smart enough to devote an entire display for this CD single/Tee release!

          • Our Best Buy sucks…I did a story a while ago about having to ask them for the new Zeppelin bluray only to find they left it in the back room!

            • Mike, I swear that my Best Buy does the exact same crap!!! Too often ‘major titles’ are NOT on the shelf on release day or the remaining release week!

              Good for you that you asked too, otherwise you wouldn’t have gotten it! It’s almost like Best Buy employees have a problem with working, I’d swear.

            • Agreed! But they do get cool exclusives. This will be a popular one I know!

            • Agreed! However, for some reason, my Best Buy has stopped stocking any Nuclear Blast, Century Media or Napalm Records releases! WTF?! They used to stock them like no tomorrow!

              When it comes to Metal Blade, only the HUGE bands get their new releases on the shelf. Very disappointing. I don’t have an f.y.e near me either. I do have a local indie store, yet it’s special order for new releases and it’s always cool to just “walk in” and be able to grab that NEW CD release and feel the score! You know what I’m talking about too!! 🙂 \m/\m/

            • I know I do! LOL! Yeah our Best Buy barely has CDs at all. If you want to go in and buy the new Katy Perry, they’ll have it. They don’t carry any Nuclear Blast or Century Media anymore either. It never used to be that way. I used to go in there and buy all the new releases every week!

            • What a shame. My Best Buy does get stocked with a full aisle, both sides, with CDs… only most of the Metal releases I already have cuz they are older/classic releases or it’s stuff I just don’t care about. There’s a TON of RAP & Hip Hop CDs down here.

              I did buy the new Lamb Of God, Fear Factory and Kataklysm at Best Buy though. Their system of restocking new titles is bad, so when I do see a new release I want it’s like finding gold.

              What is odd about my Best Buy is that they do carry the ‘big name’ Death Metal releases! Not kidding. I don’t mind that at all. Just the total variety of new Metal releases is not there.

              There have been MANY Hard Rock and Metal titles I’ve passed over this year. I guess I’ve gotten picky in my later years, haha! All my Black Metal I special order from an indie dealer. I special ordered the new RAVEN and Civil War CDs from an indie dealer too.

  2. I just got back from 2 different Best Buy stores in my area and was disappointed to be informed that the included shirt is only available in XL. So, if you’re a guy like me who wears Smalls, you’re totally out in the cold on this one.

  3. Would someone be kind enough to purchase a box for me and can send you the $$, we do not have Best Buy in Australia 😦

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