CRETUS – Releases “Dux Mea Lux” On Pavement Music; New Music Video Streaming

Cretus - promo band pic - 2015 - #63639 - MO1NYG

Pavement Music has released Dux Mea Lux, the debut EP from Louisiana-based thrash collective CRETUS. After a year spent casting their enigmatic shadow over the famed NOLA Metal scene, the worldwide release of Dux Mea Lux will see the band’s message and music delivered to the masses. Select tracks from the EP are streaming at:

Dux Mea Lux is available on iTunes and through the Pavement Music store.

CRETUS recently released the official music video for “Price of Immortality.” The uncut version of the video, which features NSFW content, is now playing at the band’s website –

A censored version of the video has been posted below or at this location.

CRETUS’ music is hard-hitting thrash metal at its core; mathematically precise riffs, dive-bombing guitar solos, and thundering drums pummel the listener and their compelling melodies and bizarre pop sensibility make each song from Dux Mea Lux subtly addictive.

Cretus - Dux Mea Lux - - promo cover pic - 2015 - #3300WAOSF

Rock vet Pepper Keenan (DOWN, CORROSION OF CONFORMITY) has been singing the mysterious group’s praises, stating: “CRETUS is a killer band with ripping guitar work and clear vocal hooks.  For sure a future global outfit.  They wear masks and slaughter virgins on stage. Need I say more?”

“Cretus have put together a five-song set that is full of occult themes that are sure to summon the youth of today” –

While it is unknown exactly when or where CRETUS formed, they began publicly spreading their message through music in 2014, with the group rapidly gaining strong support after their first show opening for legendary metal band DOWN in New Orleans. Devout followers of CRETUS pack into shows wearing the group’s signature black masks and cloaks, bobbing their heads in support as hypnotic lights pulse and dense fog surrounds them, becoming a raving heavy metal congregation unable and unwilling to escape the dark energy emanating from the speakers.

Multi-sensory performance rituals such as sacrificial demonstrations and strange pagan rites add an even more ominous tone to the already frightening spectacle of the four masked figures destroying the stage. Heavily symbolic imagery, esoteric subject matter, and poetic lyrics give listeners something deeper to latch onto with CRETUS, and Pavement Records is proud to have released their debut EP.

Dux Mea Lux was released worldwide on September 4, 2015.


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