SACRED OATH – Release Music Video For Song “Taken” – New Studio Album “Ravensong” Released September 18th

Sacred Oath - promo band pic - 2015 - #091524WLMMNSS33306

US cult Power Metal perennials Sacred Oath have just posted a new music video for “Taken” – the first single from their brand new album “Ravensong” – on YouTube. View it with the link or watch it below:

The band members all live in Connecticut, a state where graveyards can be found on just about every street corner, so it’s no surprise that the new music video for “Taken” was shot on an abandoned island in Bridgeport with a cast of creatures from the “other side.” We’re talking Zombies here, nasty ones and they apparently heed the whims of their siren mistress (played by tattoo model/Instagram starling Leah Jung). Jung lures the band to her isle of the damned where they are condemned to play their classic, hard-hitting Metal style for her and her legions – eternally.

“What’s cool is that this video is really a return for us to how the band got started,” says Sacred Oath singer Rob Thorne. “Back in ’85 we would have our bass player crawling out of a coffin drenched in blood to deliver (the band’s signature anthem) “Rising From the Grave” at our live shows and the kids loved it! It’s cool to be back in a horror vibe with the “Taken” video, especially with an album that we’re so excited about.”

Sacred Oath - Ravensong - promo album cover pic - 2015 - #092416MMSMS36

Thorne was approached by a former guitar student of his, Jordan Elizabeth Gelber, back in April about producing the video. Her company Starbaby Enterprises in New York was looking for a short film project and it seemed like a great way for both Starbaby and the band to benefit.

“Jordan became a good friend over the years and I always trusted that she had a good sense of what Sacred Oath was all about. It was a no-brainer to bring her on for this video. She’s incredibly ambitious.”

“Ravensong” is the band’s seventh studio album and was released this past Friday September 18th by Angel Thorne Music/Caroline/Universal. “Taken” also premiered this past Friday on the popular Heavy Metal website







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