MURASHITA Debut EP ‘Inescapable Damnation’ Is Out Now!

Murashita - Inescapable Damnation - promo cover pic - 2015 - #03303377MO

Inescapable Damnation, the debut EP from Thrash Beast MURASHITA, is out now. Order it at:

The title track, which features contributions from MEGADETH bassist Dave Ellefson and drum guru Kevin Talley, is streaming at this location or below:

The official lyric video for opening track “Retribution,” featuring Talley and bassist Kelly Conlon (DEATH, MONSTROSITY), is available here.

MURASHITA is the new project masterminded by renowned guitarist, producer and engineer Masaki Murashita Inescapable Damnation features performances from David Ellefson (Megadeth), Kevin Talley (Suffocation, Six Feet Under, Chimaira), Kelly Conlon (Death, Monstrosity) and Rodney McGlothlin (Voice of Dissent).

Murashita - logo - 2014 - Masaki Murashita

Critical Praise:

“Fun, bouncy and unafraid to tear your fucking throat out Inescapable Damnation gets at the beauty of heavy metal…” – Two Guys Metal Reviews

“Kings are born kings, so don’t waste your time and pay homage to Murashita. Now, you mortal!”  Dark Souls United

“The EP as a whole is the definition of thrash, but brings different elements into the mix which creates Murashita’s own signature sound.” – Metal Nexus

“…Masaki brings his lead guitar and scorching vocals back to the forefront with his solo debut and I am left completely jubilant at what I’ve been listening to…” 5/5 – Metal Odyssey

“The production is great, the music is good and the guest musicians are handpicked with great care.” – Lords of Metal

“From start to end, very much an artistic wonder. They have something sick and unique here.” 10/10 – Taste of Khaos

“With outstanding guitar work, great lyrics and a complete lack of conformity to industry expectations, Inescapable Damnation is a metal manifestation.” – Full Metal Rock

Masaki Murashita - promo pic - 2015 - #0303MSSM4E77

Masaki Murashita first showed his scorching riffs and powerful songwriting, along with his blistering and aggressive vocal style with the critically acclaimed modern thrash band Hemoptysis in 2007 and he has been clawing his way to the top ever since. Combining elements of melody, thrash and modern extreme metal, Masaki has molded his own razor-sharp brand of metal that is moving into the next stage of metal evolution.

MURASHITA is now releasing the debut solo EP, Inescapable Damnation, which features some of the top players in metal – including David Ellefson (Megadeth), Kevin Talley (Suffocation, Six Feet Under, Chimaira), Kelly Conlon (Death, Monstrosity), Rodney McGlothlin (Voice of Dissent) – and mixing by award-winning producer, Ryan Greene (Megadeth, NOFX).

Early previews of the new MURASHITA release performed on EMGtv were met with overwhelmingly positive reviews. The international tour to support Inescapable Damnation began in Japan this past September.


For more info on Masaki Murashita:

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