Metal Odyssey’s METAL Pick Of The Day Is: SEVENDUST “Thank You” (Official Audio) From “Kill The Flaw”

Sevendust - Kill The Flaw - promo album cover pic - 2015 - #MMMNSAOTS0608

SEVENDUST – One new album I was anticipating highly for this past year was SEVENDUST Kill The Flaw. To sum up in four words how I feel about Kill The Flaw: I am very happy. This cool album was released back on October 2nd, via 7 Bros. Kill The Flaw is the tenth studio album (of original songs) from SEVENDUST.

Kill The Flaw has received a bounty of grand reviews across the blogosphere; just google about for yourself to see! I hear and sense the perseverance and skill laden chemistry of this legendary band, throughout this entire album. Tonight, I am psyched to feature this album’s opening track, Thank You, as Metal Odyssey’s METAL Pick Of The Day! Whoa! Listen to Thank You below and I hope you like this song as much as I do. Metal Be Thy Name. – Stone


Lajon Witherspoon – lead vocals

Clint Lowery – guitar, vocals

Morgan Rose – drums, vocals

John Connolly – guitar, vocals

Vince Hornsby – bass


For more info on SEVENDUST:





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